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Must read: How this guy killed his sugar mummy in Lagos


Victor Chukwuemeka and his sugar mummy Bianca

Homicide detectives of Lagos State Criminal Investigations Department, SCID, have launched a man-hunt for 27-year-old Victor Chukwuemeka Udenze from Urunebo village, Enugu-Ukwu, Anambra State over the murder of his 35-year-old lover, Ms Bianca Ndidi Okoye.

��Victor was alleged to have killed his Sugar Mummy, Ms Bianca, during a hot argument insider her apartment in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, over “money related” fight…
Elder brother of Ms Bianca, Emeka Okoye, told Crime Alert that in a desperate move to cover his act, the suspect, Victor, went away with her phones, laptop, documents and disconnected every link between him and Bianca on the social network, facebook.
Narrating the circumstances that surrounded the death of their sister Emeka Okoye said, �that fateful night on the 10th of May, 2013, our sister, a mother of two from Ogidi, Anambra state, returned to her apartment in the company of Victor, a male friend whom she had been seeing for some time before the incident. Both of them went into the deceased bedroom.

“Before she slept off that night, the deceased teenage daughter identified as Onyinye said she heard noise and exchange of threats between her mother and Victor but did not enter the bedroom, as she thought it was some private matter that would be resolved amicably, after which she slept off. Their neighbours also reported that they heard Bianca’s shouts at night but did not enter her apartment as they equally did not envisage it would lead to her death.

�It was in the morning of the next day 11th of May, 2013, that one of the neighbours asked the deceased children after their mother, to which the children said she was still asleep. The fact of Bianca’s death however dawned on them, when her children were begging their neighbours for money to enable them eat.”

Begging for money
“Their neighbour’s suspicion was compounded when the children further told them that they were begging for money because their mother had been sleeping since morning. This prompted them to go over to the deceased apartment, and opened her door, only to see Bianca lying on the bed, stone dead.

“The neighbours said they�tried contacting us but apart from her children living with her, they did not know any of us. However, one of them identified as Philiper saved the day because she has the GSM number of one of Bianca’s friends identified as Chioma. She contacted her and she in turn was asked to contact any of us to come and carry her body.

“That was how we were able to know what happened and when we came, we discovered that her killer was on the run.”

Speaking with Crime Alert, Chioma, late Bianca’s friend, said she could not believe what she heard, because it sounded like a rude joke. This made her to place a call across to the suspect, Victor, as she has his phone number.

According to Chioma, immediately the suspect picked her call, he hurriedly asked her if any of her friends had called her.�She reportedly asked him why he was asking such question and he said it had to do with the deceased, Bianca, whom he had problems with. In shock, Chioma shouted, �so it is true you have killed Bianca, you will pay for it”, and immediately, Victor switched off his phone.

Crime Alert learnt that the case was reported at Elemero police station, and policemen came from the station and took the remains of the deceased away. Autopsy carried out on Bianca’s remains revealed that she died as a result of strangulation.

The family of the deceased told the Police that a few days after the incident, the deceased documents were seen littered on a street in Enugu, Enugu State, and they don’t know how the documents got there.

You may wish to know that the late Bianca Ndidi Okoye was married, but separated from her husband, and was having an affair with Victor, until the time she was killed.

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