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Must read: Uti Nwachukwu says Nigerians have spiritual problem

Uti Nwachukwu NaijaVibe

The TV personality, actor and model took to his official Facebook Page hours ago and wrote this:

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I think one major bane of the success of our country is SOCIAL MEDIA! Ironically this same tool has been used to develop so many countries including ours to an extent – but would you call it negative or positive .. (Search your heart and answer).

You see everything that is happening now has happened before and will happen again! Life is very spiritual and all answers are in the Bible on your coffee table. Before I start please don’t get me wrong o. I’m no saint. I’m a sinner like everyone else and thats why I love Jesus with a passion because he came for, died for and saved people like me not the perfect ones out there who have no sin.
Now I speak.

The Major SPIRITUAL PROBLEM we have as a nation is COMPLAINING!! NAGGING!! BICKERING!!! I’m sorry to break the news to you but this country will NEVER GET BETTER until we STOP!!! Look at the bible, after the Israelites got delivered from Egypt and they were tested in the wilderness, what did they do? Complain!!! And what happened.. you know the rest !!

We keep praying for Nigeria to get better but the minute God sends a representative to us and allows us to go thru a test, the COMPLAINING starts!!!
What spurred this Thot in my head. Super Eagles! This is a team we had all become ashamed of after the 90s God obviously sent us Keshi and some players to redeem our image. After a lot of hard work and training we finally won the African Nations Cup! And we all sang praises (cue in deliverance from Egypt) Now we went to the World Cup and our first draw. The insults started!! We won the other game (cue in manna) the praises started again.

We lost the fell out of the tournament! And then the curses started again now Keshi has resigned! (Cue in calamities suffered by Israelites in the wilderness). Some are so ungrateful and even saying “Let him go Jor!” “Who is he?” “Is he our God?” Smh. Nope he is not our God. But surely he was sent to lead and grow our team. God will not come down from his throne to help you! He uses people here on Earth!!! This is a huge setback for us especially at a time like this when we have little or no positive stories coming out from Nigeria.

This was one thing that painted us good in the eyes of the world. Oh well.. Que cera cera right? ..Nigeria.. we are in trouble if his ingratitude continues! I once told a friend of mine who was loosing his head that : To truly appreciate God is to appreciate his vessels. Nigeria. Watch it! This is a warning from God about our country!!!

Have you ever wondered why the security crises lingers? Yes yes blame it on the leaders and flawed systems! Blame it on the terrorists, blame it on whoever and whatever! But hey. We are praying right? Joining hands right? So why is it still happening?.. We have to be careful before God withdraws from this country!! GOD hates Pride and Ingratitude o!

I’m not campaigning for anyone but I remember how we all prayed for a leader for democracy, we Got OBJ. We abused and complained. Still God had mercy. We Got M.Yaradua. We talked and complained some more. Still more mercy.. we got G.Jonathan! (Nobody forced you to vote! we came out in droves to truly vote! And we jubilated when he won!)

Now immediately the challenges started ..ghen ghen Nigerians used social media to bicker! Complain Insult!.. it didn’t stop.. more crises to test us.. we complained!!! It just keeps getting worse meanwhile we are praying abi!!! Where is the praise? Where is the worship to God almighty? Where is the thanksgiving?! – did God say we won’t have challenges?? Even Jesus was tested right after he was elevated!!! Did he succumb??!!!

My dear Nigerians it’s not too late o!!! It’s not at all!! Let the GRATITUDE START NOW! Stop all negative talks and complaining! Pray for your Leaders! Support and Love them, PRAISE GOD IN EVERY SITUATION! STOP HYPOCRITICALLY ACCUSING And PUTTING EACHOTHER DOWN, IF WE DO NOT, THEN IM AFRAID GOD MIGHT JUST LEAD HIS PEOPLE OUT in HIs own way and then withdraw from the country. Let’s go back to God TRULY! With happiness, Joy, thanks giving and GRATITUDE. DELETE COMPLAIN FROM OUR VOCABULARY OOO!! and let’s watch things turn around for out country!

Like I said i am not a saint! Neither am I a prophet! And I know A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL START BY INSULTING ME AND ASKING ME IF ME SEF I NEVA COMPLAIN! Some might even Resort to calling me all sorts of names but weather you LIKE IT OR NOT YOU VOTED FOR ME IN 2010 and the streets went wild with jubilation when I won BBA ALLSTARS ! That clearly meant something!! just

To Conclude, I’m just someone who is aware of How much God loves him and bathes him with favour grace mercy success good health peace of mind and other spiritual gifts which my close friends and family members are clearly aware of. Yes I loose it sometimes (evident in some rants online) but yeh I’m not perfect and I never LET GO OF MY GRATITUDE.. LET US ALL LEARN TRUE SPIRITUAL GRATITUDE TO WHAT GOD HAS DONE FOR US.


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