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My Coronavirus Giveaway Will Go To Those That Can’t Even Afford Data – Waje



As Nigerian celebs continue to give out money to fans online to help them get supplies for the lockdown, Waje has come out to say why she will not be a part of such goodwill.

Waje revealed that the period is tough for everyone but she is concentrating on those in the slums and people who cannot even afford data.

According to her, if she had more than enough, she would have done a giveaway but since that is not the case, she will focus on distributing food and basics to people in Lagos, Abuja, Akwa, Benin.

She added that Nigerians should take advantage of kindness being displayed by other celebs and use it wisely.

Her words, “Should I explain why? If you will allow me I will. See, this period is tough for everyone. Don’t be fooled by social media gimmicks but, the ones who have the hit are those in the slums, people who can’t even afford data. Nursing mothers with no food. Old people with no pension.

“So they are my focus, if I had more than enough, I’ll do giveaway but I don’t so what I have I give to #addacup that’s distributing food and basics to people in lagos, Abuja,Akwa,Benin. Everyone has to do something. So I’m sorry I can’t do giveaway this season.”

“So don’t waste your time and send Acct details cause I can’t afford it. Addacup has my attention for now. Stay safe. God bless. No shame in speaking my truth. Some artist are doing giveaway, take advantage of their kindness and use it wisely.”


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