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My Sister Is An Example Of Commitment And Steadfastness – Fred Amata

Fred Amata

Fred Amata

Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Fred Amata has come out to celebrate his sister who is about to get married for the first time at the age of 60.

He recently had his say via his social media page, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, he is super proud of her because his sister grew up in a strict environment and eventually became an example of steadfastness and commitment.

Fred added that his sibling was even ridiculed after she approached 40 unmarried but it is all worth it today.

His words, “The Almighty Continues to show His Beauty and Awesomeness with Cause for Celebration.”

“My big Sister Mena’ s is a testimony of faith.”

“Named Erumena meaning *This is My Beauty*”

“Sister Mena grew up in a strict environment of high morality. She would develop to become an example of steadfastness and commitment.”

“But Morality and the emerging social environment, can be challenging for soon her peers young maidens one after the other all got married.”

“Sister Mena finds herself approaching her 40s single unmarried staked against mountains of seeming impossibilities and ridiculed.”

“You too old, you can no longer Marry, You too tall you will Marry a short man. You too old even if you find a man, You would be Older than him.”

“*Give what God gave you to Man oh, before you give it to worms*”

“Yes Ridiculed for her steadfastness and tenacity holding on to her convictions.”

“And so it would continue. Year after year from 30s to 40s to Fifties…”

“The ridicule became torment. But she persevered.”

“By the time She turned 60… We had all given up.”

“But this Saturday 9th October 2021.”

“The sound of Celebration, a convenant with the Almighty Kept. A manifestation of the awesomeness of the most high God.”

“ERUMENA… The Almighty says to the world.”


“Corinthians 1:27.
For He uses the Foolish things of the World to Comfound the Wise.”

“Join Us as we Celebrate this wedding of testimony..”

“Between Erumena Amata and Pastor Benjamin.”



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