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My world has been completely turned upside down -Toke Makinwa reveals

On Saturday, huge news broke about popular OAP Toke Makinwa’s husband, Maje Ayida �getting his ex-girlfriend Anita Solomon pregnant.

On Toke’s weekly vlog called ‘Toke Moments’� which aired today, the media personality basically spilled ALL the beans concerning her current life situation that we’ve all been waiting to hear about.

Read it all here:

This week has been a crazy one.�Of course I am not going to act like my life hasn’t been completely turned upside down, I know that a lot of you must have read a lot of things in the news.

When I started this vlog it was sort of a joke but to be honest with you it has become a part of my life, I feel like every week I get to connect with so many people. my viewers have been a blessing to me. There has never been a case whereby I said I know it all.

I feel like I can’t just come here in the midst of everything and not say something about it, so that’s why I am taking two minutes out of my time to thank you guys for your prayers, your emails..

Women are going through so much, it’s crazy. one of the most shocking emails I got had to be the one where ‘your’ husband got your best friend pregnant…..

today I want to talk about how to deal with difficult situations i.e. a public break up…. cheating, failed relationship. 1, stop living in denial, accept the situation, be like okay this has happened… this is what life has offered me, will I roll over and die… some people live the lie, thinking if they ride it out things would change.

When someone cheats on you, you need to stop blaming yourself, the blame game must stop. you need to stop looking in the mirror and comparing yourself to the person your partner cheated on you with. we live in a world where women are blamed for everything..

you are not responsible on someone else’s actions, less judgmental and more accepting. people need to calm down.

I want to reach out to people going through craziness in their lives, cheating, failed marriage, betrayal, keep your head up. It’s not the end of the world, the sun will definitely shine again. You accept it and deal with it. Could I have done more? maybe. Did you know about the situation? Maybe. Was there something you could do about it? Maybe not. Did you fall for a lie? we all have at some point. Did you stay in a relationship that wasn’t doing anything for you all in the name of love? we all have.

Regret is so exhausting, let it go…and forgive, it’s tough. I realize that in order to move on for your own good and for your own health you have got to forgive whoever wrongs you.

Toke Makinwa who is an OAP on Rhythm FM and brand ambassador for Pay Porte seems to be dealing with crisis the best way she knows how; talking about it. In the words of Toke Makinwa, �The show must go on”.

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