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Naira Marley Curses EFCC


2 days after Nigerian singer, Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley blasted Twitter fans that think he is an illiterate, he has also placed a curse on EFCC at his recent show in Dubai.

In a short clip on Instagram yesterday, Naira Marley said this in yoruba, “Ko ni da fun EFCC,” meaning, It shall not be well with the EFCC, at the show.

On Instagram, Naira was also not happy with the fact that Nigerians are spending their money to beautify Dubai rather than spending it in Nigeria.

He then urged FG to desist from harassing rich youths and they should be made to feel at home.

Do you agree?

Naira Marley is one of the most celebrated Nigerian indigenous rapper today who is currently giving other rappers a run for their money. I know must of you have been trying to research more about the “Issa goal” crooner and originator but unfortunately his biography is not on the multitude online. We are going to be discussing his biography right now and if you have been wanting to know more about him then this is your best opportunity.

The gifted rapper had never planned to be an artist. His childhood ambition was to become an MC and voice over artist but as time went on he realized that he have a music talent. It got to a point when he moved to Peckham from Lagos aged 11 and kept his strong Nigerian accent. He also made a decision at some point to help his MC friends in Peckham to manage their rap careers but later found out that he is talented when it comes to siting on beats.

He started unleashing his potentials in the year 2014, Naira Marley discovered his singing talent when he was urged by his friends to sing in one of their recording sessions in the studio which was just a joke. According to him “I paid for my mates to go to the studio because I thought they had talent”. This happened because he undermined himself because he never believed there is a chance for him in the hip hop world.

About how he got the name Naira Marley , he revealed that Bob-Marley was his inspiration when it comes to how his code name name came about. It is worth noting that he has this close resemblance with the former king of Reggae. Naira Marley earns from several angle and they include show bookings, music sales, and more. We are not forgetting the fact that His hit song titled Issa Goal was one of the biggest club bangers in October 2018.

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