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Naomi Campbell Bribes PR Firm To Change Wikipedia Details

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell reportedly paid off a top PR firm to change information on her Wikipedia to make her look better to the world.

Sunshine Sachs, which also represents Ben Affleck, Barbara Streisand and the Michael Jackson estate, has a admitted to taking down a description of the Campbell’s 1994 solo album Babywoman which said it was a “critical and commercial failure”.

The celebrity PR agency also reveled that references to the model’s relationship with Mike Tyson were also removed, as was a mention to her assault convictions. One Wikipedia user identified as an employee of the firm also admitted he took out the word “ill-fated” from a description of a restaurant chain Campbell invested in.

The unscrupulous edits were spotted by Jack Craver at Wiki Strategies, a blog which investigates suspicious editing on Wikipedia. He found out that Sunshine Sachs had edited the entries for a range of their clients.

“One user, who identified as ‘Alexdltb,’ has made edits since 2012 to articles about a number of Sunshine Sachs clients. His efforts include Mia Farrow, Campbell, singer Sarah Brightman, journalist Mark Leibovich and, most recently, Levo, a web startup.

“Alexdltb seems to refer to Sunshine employee Alexander de la Torre Bueno, who indeed identifies Leibovich as a former client on his LinkedIn page. However, on his user account page, Alexdtb does not disclose his firm’s relationships with its clients”, Craver said, adding the Campbell edits provided the clearest violation of Wikipedia’s terms.

Craver has traced the crime to a Sunshine Sachs employee called Alex de la Torre Bueno.

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