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Nasir El-Rufai Has Been Listening To His Bad Advisers Before Now – CAN

Nasir El Rufai

Nasir El Rufai

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN is very pleased that Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has vowed to get rid of bandits in the state because it shows that his eyes are finally open.

CAN revealed that it is a good sign as the governor has been blind to the security problems hampering the state for a long time.

According to CAN’s Vice Chairman (Northern Region), Revd. John Hayab, the fact that the governor admitted that the insecurity in the state was getting out of hand proves that he had been listening to bad advisers before now.

He added that CAN is not happy with the latest killings in Igabi and Giwa local government areas in the state and the innocent bloodshed in the Northern part of Nigeria must stop.

His words, “We hope that Governor El-rufai has begun to ignore bad advisers around him. These selfish and short-sighted advisers only run to tell him lies and instigate him against all people of goodwill in the state.

“They claim that all is going well with the people just to keep their jobs going without giving true advice to those him about what is happening with the man in the street. The selfish posture of these bad counselors is what has led us to our current unfortunate situation in the state and the country at large.

“CAN is sad and trouble by the recent killings of innocent people in Igabi and Giwa local government areas in the state by unknown gunmen. We are lamenting the number of innocent blood being shed in the state.

“When CAN cried out because of the incessant killings in the state last year, some people unfortunately for whatever reasons best known to them, gave meanings to CAN’s cry and gave our leadership different names for fighting the cause of humanity.

“Our concern in times past and till now has been to let the common man on the street be safeguarded and feel secured like any other person. But when we begin to read different meanings to what somebody said either because we are not of the same faith or we view things differently from him then we are in for serious challenges in the society.

“CAN, especially in Kaduna State, is happy to see and hear for the first time our Governor expressing remorse about the killings of innocent Nigerians in Igabi and Giwa local government areas.

“He admitted that the government has failed to properly ensure the safety of its citizens and has not made concerted efforts as expected by the Government.

“Our Association, therefore, wishes to reiterate her commitment to giving constructive criticism where the need arises and we are doing it for the overall peace, unity, understanding, and development of the society.

“We know that God will hold us responsible if we fail to say what ought to be done regardless of what people feel about us if it is from a good conscience and for the benefit of all humanity.”

“We will continue to advise those in authority because their success is for the overall benefit of man while their failure will definitely be a major setback for society.

“As a Church, we will continue to also pray for God’s guidance, wisdom, understanding and ability on the part of our leaders to be able to lead the people in the fear of the Almighty and see every section within their constituent as a divine obligation for them to be fair to all because God Almighty is not a respecter of man.

“CAN wishes to condole most sincerely those who lost their beloved ones in the recent killings. We are also praying for quick recovery of those who sustained different degrees of injuries and the trauma many went through. We pray for God’s intervention in the affairs of the state and the country as a whole so that the divine will of the Almighty will seen to be done.”

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