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Nigeria and Corruption


Nigeria! The giant of Africa. Nigeria! The most populous African Country.� Nigeria! A country that is blessed with a lot of mineral resources. Nigeria! A country that is full of bad leaders and also Good leaders.

I am going to make this article brief and cool .

It is no more news that the Nigerian government is filled up with a lot of corrupt practices. In fact corruption is�a big thing in Nigeria and also the major source of our problems.

Go to every sector in Nigeria, then you will understand what I am saying. For instance, let me start from the rear, go to some of our tertiary institutions and see how� student unionism�is been run, you will be forced to ask yourself how the political realm of our dear country will look like in the future.

*Majority of the Union Elections are rigged just like the way elections are rigged in political scene of the country.

*Student Union Government embezzles just like in the real political scene in the country.

*Students right are not been fought for just like the way some Nigerian are deprived their rights.

When I see the way�student union Government is run in some schools, the difference between Unionism and Politics get more complicated for me to differentiate.

Now that 2015 is around the corner, I hope my fellow Nigerians are ready to hear the same manifestos we’ve been hearing ever since Nigeria got her independence?

Thank God�the eyes of Nigerians�are getting wide open because there has been a tremendous positive changes elections wise. Gone are the days when politicians will come to our respective places with this same old manifestos and fake promises but these days, Nigerians are getting wise in terms of election decision making.

The Government still needs to tackle election violence and rigging.

The government also needs to inject new and fresh bloods into their cabinet. I think most Nigerians are tired of seeing people who have been in government either as a result of political appointment or as a result of election for over 10 years and yet�still controlling the affairs of the country.�

No doubt experience is needed but when are the youths taking over? Must�these same people be in government and must they turn the government into a family thing? We need fresh and young bloods in the cabinet.

There is also need for political offices to be made less attractive.� There must be a slash on the jumbo pay politicians receive. There are better things to do with the money. The educational sector is nothing to write home about. strike everywhere!!! Asup is on strike and only little is heard about it.. Transportation sector sef na ogbonge.�I just hope something is done about this because if we keep running our things like this, I wonder where the country is heading to but I OgbeniAkinremi still�remain optimistic about the country.

Fellow Nigerians, have you ever asked yourselves this following questions about the Nigeria Police Force?�

*When will the Nigerian Police force�stop collecting bribes?


Counting their loot

*When will the Nigerian Police force�stop their illegal raiding during and after yuletide periods because of their selfish reasons?

*When will the Nigeria Police force stop illegal arrest of people and forcing them to confess the sins or crimes they never committed?

*When will the Nigeria Police Force patrol van be Neat and well maintained?


*When will we see a�police officer who is well dressed without wearing a flat shoe, bushy hair and colored lips as a result of smoking? And lastly, when will the police start being our friends????

Is it that the Nigeria Police are not well paid or their salaries are not paid on�time because I keep wondering why a well paid police officer will be forcing people to pay him illegally. Not all Police officers are bad but the bad ones among them get as e b oooooo.


Few Unemployed Nigerians

Lastly, unemployment in Nigeria is another big problem. It is of no doubt that unemployment has arguably fueled up the crime rate in Nigeria. Graduates are not employed and undergraduates doesn’t see school as a compulsory place rather they see it as optional.

But which ever way, my advice is that graduates and undergraduates should learn how to make cool and legal income with their hands. Since Government help is not enough, then we have to help ourselves. It is not always about the certificate. There are various skills that can be acquired within few days and before you know it, you are already feeding yourself and your family. So my dear brothers and sisters learn a vocational work today and you will never regret doing so.
I rest my case.


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