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Nigeria Ranked Worst Place To Be Born In 2013

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Nigeria came last of 80 countries researched. A new study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU, has ranked Nigeria as the worst place for a baby born in 2013.

The EIU, a sister company of The Economist, ranked Nigeria 80th out of the 80 countries considered for the study with a score of 4.74 out of 10, just below Kenya which scored 4.91.

South Africa, at 53rd position, was the best placed African country with a score of 5.89.

Four North African nations (Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco) as well as oil rich Angola were regarded as better places to bear children ahead of Nigeria.

The study attempts to measure what will provide the best environment for the healthiest, safest, and most prosperous life in the coming years.

The quality-of-life index used in the survey was measured around key areas like crime, trust in public institutions, health of family life and government policies.

It also examined how happy citizens say they are as well other variables such as a forecast of income per head.

The study used the EIU�s 2030 economic forecasts, the year when children born in 2013 are expected to attain adulthood.

Swiss is best

European countries dominate the top ten with Switzerland scoring 8.22 to lead the pack, ahead of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and The Netherlands.

�Surveys show that, even in rich countries, people with higher incomes are more satisfied with life than those with lower incomes,� says Laza Kekic, Director, EIU�s Country Forecasting Services.

�However, over several decades there has been only a very modest upward trend in average life satisfaction scores in developed nations, whereas average income has grown substantially,� the director added.

The United States, which came out tops at the EIU�s inaugural survey in 1988, was tied at the 16th position with Germany, scoring 7.38.

Large European Economies like France and Britain as well as the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) did not fare particularly well in the ranking, a fact attributed to the global economic crisis.
War-torn Syria placed 73rd with a score of 5.29.

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