Nigerian lesbian denied asylum request, says she can’t be lesbian after having children

Nigerian asylum seeker and award winning gay-rights activist, Aderonke Apata has once again been denied asylum following a position by the UK Home office that she can not be a lesbian after she’s been in multiple heterosexual relationships which resulted in the birth of her children.

46yr old Aderonke, who fled Nigeria to the UK in 2004 after her life was allegedly threatened for being gay, has been in a running battle with the UK Home office for a while now over this.

At a resumed sitting yesterday February 3rd at a London High Court, the Home Secretary’s lawyer, Andrew Bird, argued that Aderonke was ‘not part of the social group known as lesbians’ but had ‘indulged in same-sex activity’. He said “You can’t be a heterosexual one day and a lesbian the next day. Just as you can’t change your race.”
Objecting to his argument, Aderonke’s lawyer, Abid Mahmood, said these were �highly offensive… stereotypical views of the past. Some members of the public may have those views but it doesn’t mean a government department should be putting these views forward in evidence”.

Aderonke who was in court with her wife-to-be , Nigerian Agboro Hapiness pictured above with her, said “The Home Office has treated me badly from day one. Staying in Britain means staying safe, staying with my partner and continuing my campaigning.”

The court adjourned to a later date for further hearing.

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