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Most Nigerian men don’t understand Nollywood – Uche Ogbodo on why she married a UK-Based man


That Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo wedded her UK based ex-footballer fiancé, Apo�Arthur, on the 5th October 2013 in Nkanu, Enugu is�not a secret anymore.
But Uche sure did a pretty good job of keeping it under wraps until after the wedding.

In a recent interview with Encomium magazine, Uche talked about why she chose a secret wedding, how she met her man and why she married him.And if she will relocate abroad after their white wedding.

  • Congratulations, we heard you are married?

Yes, that is true.� Thank you.

  • How does it feel to be married?

It is God’s blessing.� It is a thing of joy, everybody prays for it.

  • Why did you opt for a secret wedding?

We have done everything we need to do, the main ceremony will take place soon.� Most likely before this year runs out, the white wedding will take place.� So, I cannot say I had a secret wedding per se.

  • How and when did you meet your husband?

I met him in Nigeria, at a colleague’s birthday.� Immediately I saw him, I knew he was my husband.� It is more than a year ago now.

  • How did he approach and propose to you?

He stood and was staring at me. He told me something said he should just talk to me and he did.� We introduced ourselves, I told him I was an actress, that was it.

  • Tell us more about him.

His name is Apo. He is from Anambra State.� He is an ex-footballer based in the United States of America.

  • A lot of men stop their wives from acting after marriage, what will happen to your acting career?

He knows I am an actress.� I told him immediately I met him and he likes what I do. He supports me career wise.� He understands what is happening in our industry, he is in full support.

  • Why the choice of a U.K-based man?

Men that have travelled far and wide know what is happening in the industry, he is exposed.� He has mingled with people from other cultural backgrounds and with different people.� A lot of Nigerian men don’t really understand what is happening in the industry, most especially if they are not into entertainment.� He too is into show business as well.� So, he understands the terrain.� I think it is quite easy that way.
He has mingled with a lot of show business stars, he knows as an actress, I have to mingle with friends so I can get movie roles. I have to kiss in movies and I can be away for some days.� So, it is a good thing to have someone who understands you.

  • What is happening to you career wise?

I am still very active in the industry.� I have been very busy of recent. I have done a lot, some of the movies I featured will soon be out.� Agunba will soon be out, Onyewa will also be out.� I have been very busy.� More movies will be released very soon.

  • Will you be relocating abroad after your wedding?

I love to be with him, but I still have to continue with my career.� I will be shuttling U.K and Nigeria.� Thank God I can travel anytime I want.� I still want to continue with my acting career, so I will be on and off.

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