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Nigerian Record Labels Are Irrelevant?

Nigerian Record Labels

There was a time when Storm Records had Sasha, L.O.S, Jazzman Olofin, General Pype, Tosin Martins, Ms Jaie, Yung6ix, Darey, 2Shotz, Naeto C, Ikechukwu, GT the Guitarman, Alaye and Ikechukwu under it’s umbrella, some left the label on good terms while others had to fight their way out.

So I have been paying close attention to the Nigerian Music Industry for years now and I can surely say they are irrelevant. Yes the industry is booming but there’s absolutely no solid relationship between the artist and the label. Over the years we have had the biggest break ups between an artist and it’s label either because of lack of understanding or the artist isn’t getting what he wants from the record label.

Vector vs YSG the relationship went sour, the label had to sue Vector for breaking his contract, according to vector he wasn’t getting enough promotion under YSG. A record label should be able to handle promotion, make the artist comfortable in other for creativity to flow. For example, imagine an artist after a long day of recording gets back on social media to promote his craft or worried about how his music will get out to the public.

With the piracy situation in Nigeria, it is your duty as a record label to find a way to make your money. You want to make money off an artist? find a way to do it without cheating or stressing the artist. We had the EME vs Wizkid break up, Mohits vs D’banj, EME vs Skales, Burna Boy vs Aristokrat, Brymo vs Chocolate City, Jesse Jagz vs Chocolate City the list goes on.

There’s no system that protects the artist, i’m only going after the labels because they’ve failed on so many levels which I personally think it’s stopping the artists from being creative. If you take a look at the industry very well, most artists are under the “one man mopol” anthem; it’s working for some which is better than being locked up under a contract.

Finally, artists you’ve worked too hard on your creativity for it not to be appreciated. When you have a record label interested in you, you are the boss at that moment. It’s your craft, your creativity and your sweat. If whatever they are bringing to the table looks good, talk to a lawyer, if you end up signing the contract – RESPECT THE CONTRACT, DO YOUR PART AS AN ARTIST. The moment you are not getting what’s promised on the contract, talk to your lawyer.

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