Our Border Closure Is Suspicious – Gani Adams

Gani adamsThe Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams, has talked about how worried he is to see the closure of the Nigeria – Benin border.

According to him, the closure is suspicious, and there will be consequences on the entire southwest.

Gani Adams also begged the FG to do something about the Lagos – Badagry road, because such a move will improve the Nigerian economy and open potential tourism doors for the whole of Badagry.

His words, “The road leading to Badagry town and its environs are in deplorable stage and nobody even cares.For the past seven years, this town had been abandoned with little facilities I have said it severally that this road is bad.

The road has become death traps for commuters plying the road daily. For instance, traveling between Badagry and Mile 2 has always been an unpleasant experience these days.Imagine the kind of impression this would have on foreigners and tourists coming through west African coast to Badagry”

“It is unfortunate that the Nigeria – Benin border had to be shut, however, the closure seems suspicious to me because the borders in the North still operate conveniently without anybody blinking an eye. This portends grave danger to us as a people because the economic implications of the border closure will largely affect us more in the southwest than any other regions.”

”We can reduce the unlawful smuggling of rice and other items into the country. It involves proper planning and documentation from the Nigerian government and the officials, including the Immigrations and the Customs must be up and doing in ensuring that the law is effective.”

”Through cultural festivals such as this, we can gradually begin to change the narratives. We can begin to project the image of our country positively to the world. Therefore, I am making a clarion call to all Yoruba sons and daughters to continually promote the policy thrust and development agenda of the OFF.”

“Together we must build our tourism potentials and provide opportunities for our people to explore the world, using cultural tourism as template for growth and development. It is also very important for all the governors in all the states in the southwest to invest in education and agriculture, in order to ensure quality education and food security.

“Our governors should also provide enabling environment for the creation of a bustling tourism sector that would see the southwest states becoming the nation’s destination of choice, and ensure the full exploitations of our mineral resources for wealth creation.”

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