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President Buhari Smuggled Out of Abuja house in London

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A witness in the the ongoing protest in London, where protesters keep vigil with candle light at the front gate of the Abuja house in London, has said they saw the family of buhari packing luggage inside a vehicle. the 18 minutes video did not really show the president leaving but there where movement inside the house.

the Abuja house were protesters gathered and were heard chanting “Buhari Go Home”, Sai Baba Go Home”with their candle light on and the national flag used as a barricade and some pictures of the president and a writing on it which says “Return or Resign”. �The United Kingdom Police provided permits to Nigerians in London, to embark on a procession and keep vigil against the continued stay of Buhari in the Abuja House which is not constitutional.
the Protest which began yesterday is expected to continue for seven days.

The president has been on �a medical leave for the past 105 days (which is more than the amount of days for an official leave) and no one knows his ailment.
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