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Ruggedman responds to Mode 9 emotional outburst : “Get another job”

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Popular Nigerian Rapper Ruggedman has responded to Mode 9 recent emotional outburst that no one cares about his style of music by telling the rap icon to change his style or quit.

Ruggedman was talking on hot fm’s breakfast radio show and said Mode 9 is not the only one that does the non-commercial kind of rap.

Basically if you are an entertainer you can’t do music for yourself that’s why you are an entertainer. Rugged Man Rugged Man

IF People you are made to entertain are not entertained, you should do one of two things.. get another job or adapt.. am not saying this to be funny or anything’

If something is not working anymore the least you can do is try and adopt to what’s up.. Even in America at a point it was all Eastside ..then Westside, you can’t do anything about it, if you can’t shape up, you shape out

I actually started writing ‘ehen’ song in English but Paul Play advised me ‘you are in Nigeria, make music for Nigerians, add the local language so people could understand, I put a little comedy to it by bringing in Nomoreloss

It’s not about how good you are but how smart you are. I have said it i don’t want to be ‘he can rap kinda artist’ but ‘to be a successful artist’. Switching your style doesn’t make you any less of a human cos at the end of the day what you have achieved is what would be asked.

Mode 9 had recently lamented the neglect of his type of non commercial rap saying that He dropped an album ‘alphabetical order’ earlier this year and no one cared

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