Sacking Lt Gen Azubike Ihejirika Was GEJ’s Biggest Mistake As President – Nnamdi Kanu

nnamdi kanuThe leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said the biggest error GEJ made as president was removing the ex-Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Azubike Ihejirika.

Nnamdi Kanu revealed that the North formed Boko Haram to wage war against President Olusegun Obasanjo and GEJ during their governments.

According to Kanu, after Obasanjo did his best to contain the terrorist group, GEJ could not continue with the good work because he was deceived into getting rid of Lt Gen Azubike Ihejirika.

He added that since the North saw the good work that Lt Gen Azubike did and pressurized GEJ to remove him, the sect decided to take their war against GEJ to his village in Otueke, Bayelsa State.

His words, “This is just the beginning. Many more attacks will cone for him irrespective of Buhari’s assurance to him that there is no cause for alarm. That attack was their advanced party. The terrorists are in Army and Police uniforms, they are doing this in order to retain power and remain relevant”.

“Biafra will come and I am proclaiming today that Biafra us the kingdom we are looking for, God has abandoned Nigeria and is angry with the country because its present deceitful leaders who are only interested in empowering one ethnic group at the detriment of others. The are using Islam to destroy Nigeria, they have taken over other parts on Nigeria, but we assure them that they will not find a foot in any part of Biafra land, let them continue to conquer where they are busy conquering but they will never set a foot in any Biafra land and succeed.

Biafra blessing goes with them, wherever Biafrans go, they will be established in the land of the living because of Gods love and blessing for them, nobody can divide Biafra, not even the treacherous British government that hate Biafrans with passion and have been conniving with the enemies to try to pull us down.

“They are deceiving many people with one Nigeria, but I assure you that Nigeria can never be one because they are not made to be one, there is nothing binding Nigeria together except corruption, we have nothing in common, Biafrans are different people and can never be one with Nigeria.

“That is why since 1945, they have been fighting to drag us down, but thank God, they gave not succeeded and will never succeed, there us no way we can agree on anything except on total liberation.

“Sometimes I ask how Nigeria can be redeemed, and I say is it by giving every position yo the Fulani’s, they hate IPOB because we lay Nigeria bay, the present leaders in Nigeria will tell you one thing and do another, they promised they will dismantle the road blocks and check points in the South East, but they are still there.”

“Nigeria us in one Almighty mess, when DSS is fade up with their illicit activities that attracts massive condemnation, they will ho and rent a crowd and call it one human rights name to protest for them to demand for apology even from a government that is not in Nigeria,.like they have done demanding apology from Donald Trump.”

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