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See what fans did to Meek Mill after he ‘disrespected’ Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill loved up

Meek Mill is now dating Nicki Minaj after her ex boo Safaree (aka SBStunts) bitterly broke up. However Safaree’s fans made sure Meek Mill wasn’t spared after he disrespected Safaree on social media last night.

Here is the gist While trying to shoot a video for his next single in Booklyn, Safaree was rudely told to take his camera and get off the block by a group of pissed off dudes. In the 15 second video which was posted on Instagram, Safaree and his fur is seen being driven out of the neighborhood. One of the men can be heard saying “get up outta here n**** real talk”, and “you ain’t nobody out here”, to the ex lover of MUVA Minaj. Though it’s unclear why the rapper got a dishonorable discharge from that particular block, the outnumbered Safaree went out of there without putting up a fight

Instagram exploded when Nicki’s new boyfriend, Meek Mill, liked the video of the verbal slay and was seen in a picture with one of the many Safaree haters


Killavuitton post

With no hit records or hip-hop history, other than being Nicki’s ex, it seems Safaree has a strong fan base similar to that of Beyonce’s Beyhive. Cos immediately, these guys bombed Meek’s page with corn emojis and trolled Meek like no mainstream rapper has ever been trolled before. Every hoto on Meek’s IG page is filled up with corn emojis. And while at it, they sprinkled the trophy emoji in SB’s comments along with well wishes and encouraging words.

See it all below.








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