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Six Ohans – My Story


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Ok, so it’s been a year since I was attacked by armed robbers and shot In the face, and I really want to tell it, as much as it may hurt.

Sixtus NaijaVibe

It was a dinner party and award night organized in my University. Being one of the foremost artist in the state I was nominated, so I had to grace the event. To God’s glory I won the award for Best Music Artiste. After performing, taking pictures and exchanging pleasantries I opted to leave. This was because my final degree exams were just a week from that time. And I didn’t see myself partying when I had such important exams, besides my house was a stone throw away. I left alongside my friend, a musician called “Nero” his girlfriend and also another friend “princess” who needed to sleep as well. Nero and his girlfriend took their route home and i went my way. I remember not long after, princess and i were talking about churches and pastors. At this point we were in front of St. Joseph the worker Catholic church, Awka (right opposite the blessed sacrament) when it happened.

I looked back and saw a bike pulling up towards us. It carried three men; the rider and two passengers. The last one dropped and speedily approached us pointing a shot gun. He growled two words at me. “The phone”. My phone was in the right pocket of my shorts. I pulled it out and gave it to him immediately, I still remember seeing the man force down a laugh at the speed at which I handed the phone over. He looks at the girl and sees that she was wearing a dinner gown and had her shoes in her hands, so i guess he could tell she wasn’t with anything else. He quickly got on the bike and they reversed and left. Not to far from me again they stopped and another one came down; this one was fair and tall, clad in a yellow shirt and black jeans. I did not see his face properly. He started walking towards us.

The one who had robbed me called out to him. “Guy wetin happen, make we dey go na, ka anyi wa here!”

But he kept coming and the others zoomed off. At that same time a popular comedian in Awka, a good friend, Limo, drove into the street with some other guys in the car. The thief stopped walking but did not go back. Limo, recognized me and stopped immediately. Asking me why I was there and I told him I had just been robbed. From there all I could remember was looking at the thief and seeing a flash of white light. A sound echoed in the street and as I was wondering what made the sound, I felt drenched in water down to my feet…but as I looked down I notice that It wasn’t water but blood, the blood was hot, half of my face was hanging open and the pain that followed was excruciating. I can’t even begin to explain it.

But I didn’t fall, nor did I die, not even go unconscious. God, stood in my place. God showed me his face, his LOVE!

Next thing I know it was raining blood. The thief had run into a pathway that made it impossible for the car to chase him. I began to chase after the car calling for help. I could hear someone telling him to drive faster, but he told them “na my guy be dis, I no fit leave am”.

God bless his soul he stopped. My face was shattered and I was losing a lot of blood. I begged to be taken to a hospital, but I could hear their shock at the sight of all that blood. Finally with my direction; (and trust me, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I WAS ALIVE TO BE DOING ALL THAT, IT WAS GOD) Limo started towards the hospital. On the way one of his back tires burst for no reason at all. Luckily there was another student party at a hotel close by. He stopped there. I begged that we should continue because the hospital was close by but Limo said that driving like that was very risky. They pulled me out of the car and lay me in front of the hotel, Sun City hotel, Awka. There was a bus there but when they asked the driver for help, he said the bus was bad, but as they ran Into the hotel to get help, the man drove off.

I was there on the floor for a while, I was getting weaker but wouldn’t give in to sleep. I watched as the blood from my face and head soaked the grass as it had soaked me already. My watch was In the blood and I could see the time read.
When I close my eyes I can still see the watch count that time. I only thought of three things then. My mother and siblings. And how I would never put a smile on their faces again. My music, I would never get to make music the world would listen to and love.
And the clouds, I would miss them if I died, they are beautiful. God’s artistry.

Then they came. The students there had had to force a driver to help and so I was taken to Regina Caeli hospital Awka.

When we arrived. The nurses asked for the sum of #1500. After it was paid they said it was for card. And requested #10000 plus police report. The students didn’t have up to that and so they left me there for death I guess.

Six Ohans Miguel

Twitter: @six_ohans
Facebook: Six ohans

To be continued…


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