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Soulja Boy Mocks Tyga Over Blac Chyna

SoulTYGASoulja Boy has mocked Tyga after he recently dated and dumped his ex, Blac Chyna,

Just days ago, it was widely reported that they two who hooked up just recently, broke up, and even exchanged lots of harsh words with each other.

Asked why the relationship did not work out, Soulja Boy said he still had feelings for his real girl, but only wanted to experience Blac Chyna’s pu**y

It is increasingly looking like there might’ve been another reason.

Weeks back, Soulja and Tyga, who happens to be Blac Chyna’s baby daddy had beef about who had the biggest come back last year, and in a way to get back at the rapper for flaunting online streaming proof showing his come back was indeed doper, Soulja Boy decided to start dating Blac Chyna.

Soulja said, “I f*cked yo baby mama and played fortnight with yo son.

Me and Blac Chyna could never work. She like nigalgaz like Tyga”

The beef is on.


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