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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 6]

Story of a Benin Babe

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I woke up the next day and saw 15 missed calls on my phone from Lade
‘hmm, why this babe dey call me like dis sef, abi some thing happen to am ni?’
Mrs Ayodele also known as Teniola, was still very much asleep, hmm dis woman can sleep for states sha.

I checked the time it was already pass 11am, and I was hungry, I did not want to order any food and have them bring it upstairs because of Teniola, she was one of the top ladies in Nigeria and wouldn’t want any scandal or so, that’s why she always insist I either order before she gets to the hotel or send Lekan to buy me take outs. I wasn’t patient enough for any take out right now, so my only option is to go to the restaurant to eat.

I quickly wore a bum short and a spaghetti top, without bra as I wasn’t in the mood for that plus I wasn’t expecting anyone this late down the restaurant till maybe noon.

So I just strolled into the restaurant hoping to have a quite meal and rush back up.. as I was about entering the restaurant I heard a little argument inside, like a small fight and was about changing my mind to go back upstairs to wait for the take out instead, when I bumped into what seem like a pillar, I was about to fall when I felt someone lift me up.. I turned to see who my saviour was and what I saw almost made me loose my steps again..

He was tall, handsome, chocolate skinned guy with the most amazing smile I had ever seen in my entire life.
He wore a beach short, with Polo top and his cologne made me confused, I had gotten so deep in my thoughts when I heard,
‘hi? are you ok miss?’ with a smile on his face,
I felt so ashamed because I have never been carried away by any guy’s look before in fact I only admire from afar and that was it.
I wasn’t a freak when it came to guys, no matter how handsome or good looking you are, I don’t really care, I just look, admire and that’s it.. In fact Collins was an example, every girl on campus is ready to date him, they don’t even care that he is a notorious cultist, they throw their self at him without shame.. anyway that is another’s day gist‎.
I finally found my voice, ‘Hi, am sorry I bumped into you, guess I wasn’t expecting to see any one behind me’.

I rushed out the door before he could say anything more.. hmm that was close, what was I thinking looking at him that way.
I got back to the room and met Teniola awake, with a funny look on her face.. one of the reason I hate coming to Abuja to see Teniola was because of her jealous nature, whenever am around she finds it difficult to let me out of her sight without asking question like I was her child.. ‘abeg madam free me o, like na only me you dey f**k, mtscheew.

‘‎Now start talking, where have you been?’ and don’t you dare lie about it, she said
ewo, abeg make una see me, see granny o, so aunty sef dey jealous..
‘I was hungry and needed some thing to eat, I didn’t want to order from the kitchen so I went to the restaurant to eat, but couldn’t because of a little commotion there’
‘hmm, are you sure’ was her next reply, I didn’t just answer her and she knew better not to ask again.

All I could think of was Mr handsome chocolate I met downstairs, Damn! Why did I not collect his number or even room number, is he even a guest here, or maybe a worker, all this kept running through my mind, I was so lost in my thought when I felt a hand on my boobs
‘Baby am sorry I doubted you, are you still hungry? I can send the driver to get us something to eat, but before then I would want you to make love to me again, please’.
‘You know I can’t get enough of you my cupcake, she started to come close to me with her massive boobs in my mouth.
mehn! dis woman na u go kill me, I swear, lol
My senses were not thinking straight again as I felt her hands go down my bum short, I forgot about food and decided to enjoy the food before me first..

I closed my eyes, dipped my right hand under the cover to play with her nipples.
‎I could see that she was already in cloud nine, I took of my short, and she went down on me, with the hunger of a starved nympho, shit, this lady was good, every funny thought about mr handsome chocolate disappeared immediately, while she pleased me in the most sexual way.. she came up to kiss me, my hands moved from her nipples to her fleshy p**sy lips, gliding over it before connecting to the clitoris. I gasped‎, I pushed her on the bed and opened her lap while I f**ked her with my thick big clit, I kept on rubbing my clit against hers, and my nipples on her nipple, she screamed while she grabbed my ass‎, as we came together..


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – Whine For Me

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine



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