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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 5]

Story of a Benin Babe

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After we had dropped Lade at her hotel, we exchanged numbers and BBM pin, she promised to call when she was well settled.

I got into my hotel room and waited for my darling Mrs Ayodele, after my bath, I opened the fridge and got out a cool champagne.. damn! Life is good, so I thought to myself.

I got out the skunk Lekan got for me before we got to the hotel and started smoking away, I had smoked almost the whole stick when I heard a knock on the door, that must be Mrs Ayodele I thought to my self, I did not bother wearing my towel because I wanted to surprise her with my lovely body, the effect of the drink and skunk was already making me so so horny.

Immediately I heard the knock on the door I knew it was Mrs Ayodele, I didn’t even wait for her to drop her bags, before kissing her, she was shocked but had no choice than to kiss back, she started to squeeze my ni**les gently while she pinched a little, that sent fire up my brain, she quickly removed her clothes while still kissing me, I helped remove her bra, her panties and she carried me back to the bed.

She transferred her mouth down to my ni**les, while she sucked on them, I gave out a little moan, and she started to finger me, all I heard from her was ‘baby did you really miss me, because you are so wet’, I couldn’t reply her as I was in cloud nine, as she finger f**ked me..

Mrs Ayodele was a very romantic and sexy lady, most times I wonder how she got so good at making love to a lady, I still find it hard to believe that she is a mother of 4 grown up kids, with her last child in the UK studying for his masters, she still looked very young and appealing, you could think she was 3 years older than I am..

While she kept on fingering me, she would bring out her hands and lick on my juice, that drove me crazy, my clits were so erect like a little dick ready to release.

Just then I pleaded ‘baby, suck me, am so horny, please I wanna feel your mouth on my pu**y’, she kept on kissing my ni**les down to my tummy, then kissed my laps, kissed the side of my pu**y, while I shivered from the effect it was causing down, still she refused sucking me, I was going crazy with the torture, I tried to push her head down to my clit but she wouldn’t go there.

After a while she stood up from the bed and went into her bag and brought out a vibrator, I wasn’t in the mood for a vibrator, so when she came to the bed and tried to put the vibrator inside me, I collected the vibrator threw it on the table and started kissing her.

I took her ni**le in my mouth causing her to moan, while I kissed her navel, then put my finger into her, and started to thrust, in and out, she screamed with excitement, while I tickled her clits, I went down on her opened legs and kissed her pu**y, that sent cold thrills up her spine, I put her legs on my shoulders and opened her pu**y, and put my tongue into her juicy wet pot, she moaned as I started to suck and lick her at the same time fingering myself, I couldn’t think very clearly again. Hell no you ain’t going to leave me hanging I thought to myself, while I changed to 69.

She was going to cum any time soon, she took my fat thick clit in her mouth and started to lick and suck me, while fingering my hole, shit!! I was going crazy, she teased me so much I forgot about her, she turned round and started to suck me so good, oh, baby! shit, honey! aaaargh! yes baby, you missed me right, yes hon, please! don’t stop, oh yea, am cuming! oh f**k! oh!! ooh!!‎ yes! yes!

cum for me baby, cum in my mouth sweety! f**k!..

She licked me clean, while she f**ked me, clit to clit till she also came and we slept off.


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – Whine For Me

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine


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