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Wealthy teenagers aged 18 & 19 fall to their death while having sex on 6th floor balcony | Photos

Two teenagers fell to their deaths from a�balcony�yesterday as they cuddled at a party to mark the end of their exams.Anastasia Tutik, a 19-year-old Russian, and a Mexican known only as Miguel, 18, were in a clinch when they lost their balance.The drop�of more than 60ft from the sixth floor ...

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Justin Bieber spits on his fans from his hotel balcony (Photos)

Justin Bieber was photographed on Thursday July 25th spitting over his hotel balcony in Toronto onto a crowd of fans that came to catch a glimpse of him…..More pics below: We would love to know your thoughts on this post. Drop your comments

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Man tries to escape after being caught cheating with another man’s wife (Pictures)

A man in Sao Paulo Brazil caught his wife cheating on him with another man and while they argued on the balcony to the delight of passers by, the man she was cheating with attempts to escape from the window. Lobatan!!!!! More pics below:  

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