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Chinese restaurant in Kenya rejects black customers after 5pm

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The Chinese restaurant in Kenya, which came into spotlight for not allowing blacks in after dark has been shut down..The owners have also been summoned by immigration authorities.Only taxi drivers or Africans accompanied by Chinese, European or Indian patrons are allowed into the compound. According to the Daily Nation, the ...

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Man caught trying to smuggle 94 Stolen iPhones strapped to his body into China | Photos

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Officials on China’s border with Hong Kong caught a smuggler with 96 iPhones strapped to his body like a hi-tech suit of armour. They took photos of him, released them on the internet and now the pics have gone viral. Chinese customs officers say they pulled the young man aside ...

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Man proposes to his GF with 99 iPhones – then she rejects him | Photos

This guy has got 99 problems, and his girlfriend is one! You see that love shape on the ground? They are all brand new iPhones. According to Chinese online news site, Kotaku, a love-struck man in the Guangzhou district in China decided to propose to his girlfriend in the middle ...

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Newborn baby found in toilet pipe after student gives birth and runs | Photo

A young student in a university in China, who hid her pregnancy throughout, gave birth to a baby girl inside a toilet pipe, hoping the baby would flush down the pipe. Fortunately the pipe wasn’t wide enough to take the baby down and so her body became wedged a short ...

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Chinese girl kneels cheating boyfriend on the street and slaps him severally (Photos)

A Chinese woman has�been arrested�after forcing her boyfriend to kneel in the street and repeatedly slapping him around the face. The man was accused of cheating on the woman after bringing another girl back to his flat in Hong Kong. After his girlfriend took him out to the street and ...

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Only in China: A woman breastfeeding her baby while driving a motorbike

The woman’s baby was hungry, she refused to wait and decided to breastfeed her baby while driving her motorbike. Riding a motorbike while holding a child can be trouble, but breastfeeding while driving is outright dangerous. Instead of pulling over to the side of the road, the mother in central ...

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World largest building opens in China (Photos)


The superlatives in China continue � the latest symbol of China’s �bigger is much, much better” ethos is open for business. Located in Chengdu (population 14 million), capital of Sichuan province in southwestern China, the New Century Global Center is the largest freestanding building in the world, Chinese officials say. ...

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Baby boy flushed down toilet in China is rescued alive after being cut out!

Firefighters in Eastern China performed a near miracle earlier today by rescuing a newborn baby who had been flushed down the toilet! Miraculously the baby was still alive when found. In the disturbing images, workers can be seen cutting the sewage pipe away, revealing the desperate screams of the baby. ...

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