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10 unlucky artistes that should have blown


A lot of names came to mind when I was compiling this list because in all honesty there are so many of these artiste that are very promising and then you wonder what happened or is happening to their career, especially the ones that are very talented. 1. Jayru This ...

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GT The Guitarman – No Wishes [AuDio]

Why wish me a happy birthday when you can make me a β€˜Happy birthday’ GT sings in song – β€˜NO WISHES’. GT the guitarman whose birthday is tomorrow, is doing something a little different this time. As he turns a year older tomorrow (sept 8th), he has instructed friends, fans ...

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GT the Guitarman – Your god Sucks [AuDio]

In the midst of the religious crisis the world is faced with, it baffles me when these blood-thirsty fundamentalists claim they are fighting for their “god” who to me, is a weak, cruel, blood sucking bully who can’t fight for itself. They need to listen to the voice they claim ...

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