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Pope Francis reacts to ISIS assassination threats

Pope Francis

He has received threats from ISIS militants to assassinate him for being a ‘bearer of false truth ‘Pope Francis has said he has accepted that he may be assassinated – but has asked God to make sure it doesn’t hurt too much as he is ‘a real wimp’. In an ...

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American aide worker Peter Kassig beheaded by ISIS

Former US soldier and aide worker Peter Kassig has been beheaded by ISIS. The US government confirmed his killing in a statement today after reviewing a video ISIS released that purported to show the beheading. The 26 year old Indianapolis man was captured in eastern Syria on Oct. 1, 2013, ...

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Iraqi Ambassador claims ISIS plans to assassinate the Pope

The Prime Minister of Iraq revealed that there are serious threats to the Pope’s Life by the dreaded ISIS. Habeeb Al Sadr ,Iraq’s ambassador to the Holy See issued the stark warning today after Vatican officials insisted there was no threat to his safety – and said he will not ...

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ISIS threatens to assasinate twitter employees for shutting down their accounts


Twitter decided to listen to protests to block ISIS out of social media by blocking their accounts because�ISIS have spread their brutality by the efficient use of social media, posting gruesome photos and calling on others to join them Now, the angry Jihadists are now threatening to kill twitter employees.One ...

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