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Obama’s 16-Year-Old Daughter Caught Kissing A Stranger At Lollapalooza


Former President of the United States of America, Obama’s second daughter, Sasha was spotted kissing a white guy identified as Matt she reportedly met over the weekend at the Lalapalooza concert. The moment was captured and shared on Snapchat and the photos have since gone viral.

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Video: Bizarre moment Malia Obama danced like a ‘possessed girl’ at music festival

Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, has been caught on camera dancing up a storm wildly at a music festival on Friday night. Video is trending and a lot of people are amazed. Event was the Lollapalooza music festival which is currently going on in Chicago. In the video which was ...

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Malia Obama pictured standing in front of a table filled with cans of beer

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​The 18-year-old first daughter, dressed in a midriff-baring baseball tee and pair of cut off jean shorts, looks directly at a fellow partygoer’s phone in the photograph. To her left is another young man holding a can of beer in one hand while picking up one of the many plastic ...

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President Obama’s Teenage Daughter, Malia Spotted Smoking ‘Marijuana’ After Twerking At Lollapalooza (Photos/Video)

Days after the video of President Obama’s daughter, Malia twerking made its way online, you can watch HERE, another video has surfaced showing the teenager smoking pot. The video was captured by someone who claimed she was smoking pot and shared online the video as captured. Watch the video below: ...

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President’s daughter! Watch this video of Malia Obama twerking�


 18 year old Malia Obama was at music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago and some folks felt there was something wrong with the way she danced. Watch  [youtube pCEPRXMdRTo 300 250] YASS! Get it #MaliaObama! Can anyone guess what song I caught her vibing to at #lollapalooza?! See full video by ...

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See Obama’s Daughter’s selfie which has got tongues wagging

Obama daughter,16 year old Malia has everyone asking questions after a leaked selfie of her leaked online last night. ..The internet erupted as many say the pose is too sexual for a 16 year old. I don’t see anything wrong with this photo

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