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Must Read: Chimamanda Adichie’s response to Oba of Lagos

Award winning writer, Chimamanda Adichie. Chimamanda says the Oba’s words are quite disturbing. Read below… A few days ago, the Oba of Lagos threatened Igbo leaders. If they did not vote for his governorship candidate in Lagos, he said, they would be thrown into the lagoon. His entire speech was ...

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Watch the Video of Oba of Lagos threatening Igbos in Lagos


The statement by the Oba which was released this morning caused an uproar among Nigerians as he threatened Igbos to vote Ambode or face death. May people doubted it even after the audio leaked, well there is a video to prove he really uttered those words. [youtube TYkS3C4Y1cY 300 200]

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