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Sisqo files $3.6 million lawsuit over ‘stolen’ Thong Song royalties

RnB star Siqso has filed a $3.6 million lawsuit, claiming he was not paid the royalties he was due for his 1999 kitsch classic, Thong Song. TMZ reports below Sisqo’s not done getting paid for his biggest hit �Thong Song” … he’s fired off another lawsuit, this time against the ...

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Skales chilling with Sisqo, Joe & Keith Sweat in Atlanta | Photos

Skales chilling with Joe & Keith Sweat in Atlanta

Skales who is in Atlanta hit the club and partied with Sisqo, Joe and Keith Sweat. Please can someone tell me what happened to Sisqo, I remember everyone wanting to mime to his song then in Secondary School. Now all Nigerian stars want to snap with foreign artiste

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