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Tales Of A Lagos Babe – Episode 13 [LET’S DANCE 1]

Omoshalewa Benson: Tales of a Lagos Babe

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We chose Jackie.. Yeah Jackie Appiah. I don’t particularly watch Ghanaian movies, well, I do sometimes. The last I saw had John Dumelo doing a girl naked, it was shot in such a way his bum was captured moving ‘up’ and ‘down’. There were also boobs to show and more sex scenes than one would see in a Hollywood settings.

To be frank, I kind of liked that Jackie was chosen. After the meeting, she invited us all to a party in a club.. it was a party of one of the Ghanaian celebrities. Mr. Oga thought that it would be nice for networking and PR for the film festival, so we all had no choice than to go. She also would tag along; I wonder what her department sent her here for. Ha! I haven’t said.. Lydia’s big gist.. she was here, I mean the girl from the canteen that had been rumoured to be Mr. Oga’s girlfriend. Lydia told me she had seen her come out of Oga’s room and she looked suspicious. It made me start to wonder if Lydia was right and if they were really dating. It kind of broke my heart but I convinced myself not to jump into conclusions.

Lydia and I did not have what to wear to the party so we went out of the hotel to buy. First thing I noticed about Ghana is how clean the streets are and the people were not as black as I thought. We bought our party wears and returned to the hotel.

“Ehn ehn, Shalewa, wait sef! You never give me gist about you and Oga Dan o, una don start?” That was Lydia poke nosing as usual.

“Start wetin?” I eyed her playfully. She slapped my arms and went on “talk na”

“Hmm! I still dey study am”

She started to laugh “e resemble book, abeg hold him before another girl sweeps him away o, don’t you know he is one of the eligible bachelors in Lagos?”

I started to laugh as I collapsed on the bed. “Ehn ehn, what will you now say about Mr. Williams?” I asked in an attempt to hear more gists about him. “That one..” She rolled her eyes “that one go marry sha?”

She started to unwrap the ‘kenken’ we bought from our trip away from the hotel. I got up to bring out the disposable plate we had also bought. “I heard this thing make sense die..”

I smiled. We began to eat in silence. I was about to ask Lydia if she had a boyfriend when I heard a knock on my hotel door.

I was scared it may be Femi. I didn’t want to arouse any unnecessary suspicion. Radio katanga was in the radar. I wiped my palm with a serviette and walked towards the door. I looked through the peephole and saw that it was Daniel. I breathed relief and opened the door.

“Hi!” I smiled sheepishly

“Hey!” I let him in and shut the door. Lydia wiped her palms and got up immediately “good day Sir”

“Lydia baby, how na?”

“Oga I dey o” she turned to me “Shally baby, we go see later” she winked.

Daniel had seen her but she didn’t care. Lydia was a case study. Daniel hugged me as soon as she shut the door. I stayed in his arms a while longer than I should have; only because I was doing a comparism, in his arms, it felt like a cuddle, in Femi’s arms, I felt safe, protected. I stopped thinking and came out of his embrace. He pulled me towards the bed and we laid beside each other. This is the closest we’ve ever been.. in a room.. beside each other. I was scared. I wasn’t a loose girl and technically, I wasn’t a V anymore. I wasn’t scared of being vulnerable; I was just scared of the outcome. Ok, ‘am talking rubbish. My first experience with sex left a terrible mark on me, I haven’t had a boyfriend since like forever and Daniel wasn’t even my boyfriend. I am attracted to him but I am more attracted to Femi. I wouldn’t want any deep romance between us right now.. everything was complicated.

“Penny for your thought” Daniel touched my nose. We looked into each other’s eyes for a while. I tore my eyes away from his. Before I could say Jack Robinson, he kissed me. I didn’t kiss him back neither did I pull away.

I was still thinking of whether to kiss him back when I heard a knock on the door. I pulled my lips away and asked who it was.

“Oh shit!” Daniel swore and got up immediately. I signaled to him to be quiet. I went to the door, opened it and stepped outside. My heart was beating really fast. What is this? What is the drama about? Why can’t it be simple? Love isn’t supposed to be difficult..

“Hello Sir”

“It’s Femi, my name is Femi” he smiled. I shut the door.

“Do you have your card; we don’t want you locking yourself out again?”

I smiled “yes I do”

We both went quiet. I broke the silence. “I would invite you in but Lydia is in there” I lied. Yes I lied again. I’m ashamed.

“It’s alright, only wanted to check up on you, I promise we’ll have that talk, ok?”

“Ok. What time should we be ready for the party?”

He closed his eyes in deep thought “7 should be fine”

“Alright Sir”

“Hmm! I’m not that old you know” he smiled

“You are my boss, that’s old”

He started to laugh and then covered his mouth, he whispered “Lydia”

I faked a smile. Wait sef, what if Lydia comes to the passage. Ha! Time to run.

“Let me go get ready”

“Alright, see you at 7”. With that, he left. I rushed back to the room. Daniel had dozed off. I watched him sleep for a while. How would I break the heart of such a good man? How?

The party had all the Ghana celeb. It was an eclectic mix of the Ghana entertainment industry, the big boys and ladies in town, gents and ladies from various sector of the labor force.

My short black dress accentuated my curves. Lydia said I looked like Delilah trying to taunt Samson. Lydia had chosen a lavender maxi dress. It was stylish and really sat well on her. Daniel had worn a shirt and a jeans, casual but nice. Mr Oga.. sighs! White shirt, bow tie, lovely pants, monkey jacket and a panama.. he looked really good. Ha! The ‘she’.. she looked really fabulous. I don’t wanna describe what she wore but I know she got head turning. She flirted shamefully with Femi and held his hands everywhere she went. She knew all the Ghana stars and was everywhere. I began to feel uncomfortable and decided to look around for Daniel or Lydia. They had both gone to get drinks and had disappeared into thin air.. o ga o.. sighs!

I walked passed Jackie and we exchange pleasantries. She introduced me to Van Vicker whom she was having a chat with. He looked shorter than the movies portrayed. I left them to continue my search for those silly heads. I finally found Lydia chatting or should I say flirting with John Dumelo.. silly girl. Where was Daniel.. oh! There he was getting a drink from the bar, I walked up to him and stopped abruptly.. What the hell. An idiot just grabbed Daniel’s butt.. as in a guy just.. OMG!!! Daniel turned to face the guy.. wahala go shele.. I imagined Daniel slapping the hell out of him.. What won’t we see in Ghana?

Omoshalewa Benson: Tales of a Lagos babe is written by Tobilola ‘Bella’ Agoro (@tobiagoro)

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