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Tales of a Virgin Girl [Good Things]

Episode 5
By Benny

Tales of a Virgin Girl

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It took me days to recover and get everything I went through out of my mind. I had nightmares upon nightmares sometimes about the scary guy other times about the girls that were still there. I always woke up screaming and sweating. It wasn’t easy at all. I remembered how my virginity was taken away and wondered why I kept it for so long only for it to just be taken away so painfully and without my consent.

I cried most times sometimes from regret other times from fear of the unknown. Vanessa was very helpful trying to cheer me up anytime I became sad and withdrawn. I felt it was because she felt guilty of everything that happened. Jay too was always available and they tried to keep me company as much as they could and make me happy. I thought of telling my parents and I wondered how my mum would freak out and ask me to come home immediately but Vanessa advised against it.

Meanwhile, Dan (my rescuer) became a regular visitor and I introduced him to Vanessa who also thought he was cool. He visited regularly,was always calling,buying gifts and making me feel special. I never visited him tho because he lived in the school hostel with about four other guy as roommates.

He was the perfect example of a gentleman. He opened doors for me,made sure I was okay at all times and all the gentlemanly attitude. I was really happy and excited to have met someone as special as he was. This continued until one of his visits I was seeing him off to his hostel, It was late at night and there was no light. On getting to a block before his hostel, we slowed down our pace because that is where I usually get to before turning back to go to my hostel. We came to a stop and continued our gist which was about a lecturer in school and how tough he was.
‘I don’t wish to ever have an experience with Mr Henry’ I concluded expecting a reply from him.

He didn’t say anything and I looked at him and he held me by my waist and dragged me very close to him.
I could hear his heartbeat start and drop. He’s breathing was ragged. In the darkness I could see those beautiful eyes of his. I leaned against him and he was looking into my eyes. My breathing became fast and I wondered what his lips would taste like. Lost in my thought I didn’t notice him draw closer and close his eyes and in the twinkle of an eye he’s lips were locked in mine.

He kissed me and it was exactly as I had imagined. His lips tasted like sugar and I responded and we kiSsed for about two minutes then he released my lips and said almost out of breath ‘Sandra I need you’. Those words got me shivering and before I could respond his hands were on the zipper of my trouser…my heart raced faster and I began wondering what he wanted to do and suddenly..

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