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Tales of a Virgin Girl [Her Story]

Episode 10
By Benny

Tales of a Virgin Girl

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My dream shook me and hastened my decision making process.
I called Michael and asked to see him alongside his girlfriend. They came and we spoke and I told them I didn’t want to keep the baby and they agreed with my decision and they said they were going to make arrangement on how it was going to be carried out.
Are you crazy?? Vanessa sounded hysteric
How could you make such a decision?
What if something happens or goes wrong?
I was quiet for a while thinking of the possibility of something going wrong and then I replied her
“They said the guy’s an expert”
“Expert? Expert right…fine,just know I’m not a part of it” she concluded and stormed out of the room.
With exams in leSs than one week we arranged to do it on a wednesday.

I left the room that morning with Vanessa refusing to talk to me after trying to convince me not to go through with the abortion. I left feeling downcast that my partner in crime wasn’t in support of this my decision but I had already made up my mind to go through with it so nothing was stopping me.
I got outside school and met with them and together we started the journey which lasted for about one hour. We arrived at a nearby town and in no time the taxi which they hired from school stopped in front of a small building. The building looked kinda abandoned with the paints falling off and I wondered how an “expert” doctor lived there. I kept my thoughts to myself and followed them in. We got in and sat down at the place that served as a reception. It was actually a home.

Dan entered a part of the building and came back with a middle aged man wearing boxers and singlet. He smiled at me and whispered something to Dan and he nodded. Together they went back into the building and I began to panic. Anita did not say anything to me all the while we were seated in the reception but when I began to panic she noticed, turned to me and said relax it will sting a little but you will survive it.
“How do you know?” I asked surprised she smiled at me and said “do you want to hear it?”
I replied almost immediately “yes”

I met Dan in my year one she began and of course I fell for him because of his personality. Before you know it things became heated between us and we became the envy of every couple in school. I wasn’t exactly a virgin when we met so our relationship included regular unprotected sex but I always calculated my ovulation period to know when to have sex and when not to.
But along the line something happened and I got pregnant and was brought here by Dan and his friend.
I thought we were going to a regular hospital when he said the doctor was a professional until we got here.

I was prepared for the exercise and was put on a table that didn’t look very clean. I was naΓ―ve and scared and just wanted to get it done and over with it so I stayed. The equipment for the abortion looked sharp and not sterilised and the doctor sensed my concern and told me not to worry. Dan stood by me and held my hand throughout the process. It was the most painful experience of my life with so many sharp instruments going into me and coming out. She minced when she said that and that got me really scared.
After about 30 mins we were done and heading back to school and bleeding like a christmas cow whose head had just been cut from its neck. I bled for about 4 days thinking I was going to die but I survived it. But my second experience wasn’t that bad I think I was getting used to it by then. She ended with a smile.

Huh! I though second time?? Before I could say another word Dan came and said its time. My heart skipped a beat and I turned to look at Anita and her face was expressionless and finally stood up to go with Dan.

Truth be told Anita’s story relieved me a bit because if she could have done it twice then it means it’s not so bad or so I thought and walked to face my own fate.

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