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Tales of a Virgin Girl [18+]

Episode 8
By Benny

Tales of a Virgin Girl

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Dan seemed an expert in this area because even though it was the most painful thing I had experienced, it wasn’t all bad…so I thought while trying to get over the pain I felt. It was like there was fire between my thighs. I had screamed at his first thrust it was like a rod was been forced down my private part. He continued until it finally gave way and he was in. It was an experience I wasn’t going to forget in a hurry.

I cried myself to sleep after the whole experience and my tears were both that of pain and regret that I had to do it now, after all the efforts I made to keeping it till on my wedding night. I woke up to the sound of water coming from the bathroom. I wondered how long I had been out. When Dan came in from the bathroom he smiled and said…”Finally you are awake”
“What is the time now” I asked
“Its 5:25pm”. From my calculation I should have been asleep for close to two hours.
“You look worried” he said as he came to join me on the bed with his still wet body
“You didn’t use any protection is that not dangerous?” I asked
“Are you scared?” He asked with a smile….You will be just fine will give you a drug to take.” He replied.
Better I thought.
“Now you need to get up and have a bath” he said
“I can’t stand up” I said in pain
“Let me help you up” he came to the bed and with his assistance I was able to get on my feet but with so much pain in my between I could barely walk. He held me all the way to the bathroom but on getting there I couldn’t even stand on my own.

He held me while I let the cold water from the shower run through my body I felt better under the water and was beginning to feel better when a loud knock shattered the peace and quiet I was enjoying under the water.
“Did you order for anything?” I whispered; before he could answer a louder knock sounded and this time it was like whoever was at the door was running out of patience.
“Can you stand on your own” he asked in a hurry and before I could finish nodding my head he was @ the door. I was still expecting him to come back and explain what all that was for when I heard shouts and I saw the meanest looking pretty girl I had ever seen staring at me like her eyes had knives in it.

“Let her go, she didn’t know” I heard Dan say from the room. I was still looking very confused not understanding what was happening when she dragged me roughly from the shower and shoved me into the room with my body dripping water. I was hardly strong so I couldn’t even resist her or argue with her. In the room were other three girls two with guns.
Ha! Dis one don pass be careful oo…they were all looking at me and I was stark naked.
“Dan??? What is happening here” was all I could manage to mutter my word barely coherent…before he could reply me one of the girls who was the prettiest stood up and gave me a very hot slap.. what!!!!
Now this is too much I thought and when I tried to attack her, the girl who drew me out of the shower held me back and pushed me so hard I landed on my behind.

Ouch! That hurt real bad and in all this dan was just quiet. Then the girl who slapped me said…”Dan so this is what you have reduced me to”
“I am sorry” he replied not looking at her “she’s just one of those girls”
Huh!!!! Me one of those girls…I didn’t say anything in reply to him out of fear of being slapped again.
I still didn’t understand what was going on.” Get dressed immediately” she barked at Dan. Apparently she was the leader of the group and Dan feared her. He hurriedly put on his trousers and shirt and was out of the door before I could say Jack…the girls went after him and the leader looked at me one last time and left.

It was then I realized I was naked and alone in a hotel room some miles away from school. I managed to get up and put on my clothes after much struggle. I thought of limping out of the room but that would be suspicious and people would know what I was up to. So I spent the next 30 minutes practicing how to walk without limping and then I was out of the hotel in a cab headed for school.
On getting to school I quickly called Vanessa and explained everything that happened to her. She looked worried.
“What is the problem” I asked
What have you gotten yourself into? “Those girls are members of the most dreaded girls cult here in school”she finished with concern in her face.
“So what business could they have with Dan??” I asked bewildered
Emmmmm….she stammered
“Say something” I said impatiently
Emmmmm Sandra…

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