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Tales of a Virgin Girl [Wahala]

Episode 8
By Benny

Tales of a Virgin Girl

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“She is the leader of the deadliest female cult on campus and he’s a cultist too but not the leader of his group.”
“What!!! How could you not have told me” I screamed in horror
“I didn’t know until it was too late” she replied looking sad
“What am I going to do nw?” I asked and before I could say another word I heard a loud knock on the bed
“Hide under the bed immediately”
I looked around confused and she pushed me underneath the bed
“Emmmm can I help you?” I heard her say to the person at the door
“We are looking for one sandra girl I heard the female voice say….bring her out now”
“She is in LT1 reading” I heard Vanessa say her voice almost betraying her
Despite her shaky voice, the female voice said…”she better be there or else you are done for” that was the last I heard.

“Oh My God! Vanessa exclaimed what have you gotten yourself into sandra”
I crawled out of my hiding place and went straight to the wardrobe picked up my traveling bag, threw a few clothes in it and hurriedly told Vanessa who was looking at me like I had lost my mind that I was going home.
“Just like that?”
“Do you have a better suggestion?”
She was quiet and I stormed out of the room half walking half running to the gate.

I boarded a bus and was taking the 4hr journey home while thinking of what lie to give to my parents as they can’t afford to know what happened.
Then I thought of Dan and everything that happened and realized I ought to have known there was something fishy about him. Seeing him in that bush at that time of the day the day he saved me. I was too grateful to realize he was evil. And to think that he didn’t call since the incident yesterday.
I got home and on entering the compound my mum saw me beamed and said….”you didn’t call anyone that you were coming home are you okay?”
I was tempted to tell her but No that would be disastrous. I am from a Christian home where nonsense is not condoned.

Mummy my department is on strike..some students beat up the HOD and so we were asked to not come for lectures till the issue is resolved. “So how long is that going to take she” asked concerned
“We really don’t know”
My mum was educated so I was surprised she fell for the story and now what’s next is how to convince her husband. He came from work and after hearing the news from his wife hour sent for me. I deliberately stayed in the room so they won’t notice my discomfort.
He needed to hear the story from me and after telling him same story he paused and was quiet for a while. Being a Doctor wasn’t helping me as he was pondering on the issue. After about two minutes, he welcomed me home and blame the government for the academic state in the country.

Talk of badass hehehehe I was happy I could deceive the doctor himself.
Two weeks into my stay at home which was all about eating and seeing movies was getting me fatter and I didn’t like that.
One afternoon while munching a snack and seeing a rerun of one of my favorite Tv shows the phone rang and it was Vanessa.
“You need to return to school immediately Sandra”… what happened I asked
Mr Henry said if you do not see him in his office with your Doctor’s report that you were really sick then you won’t write his exams. Mr Henry the toughest lecturer in my department. Short devil like we all called him was in his early sixties but still as strong as a fidel. It is known that if you carry over his course once, you will never pass it anymore.

I felt his wickedness stemmed from the fact that he was close to the devil due to his height. He nevEr wants anything to do wit you doing well as his student. In fact he rejoices when you fail.
The call ended with her telling me how the female cultist have been looking for me all over school. Exams are in two weeks time and now a lecturer is threatening to not let me write his exams and I don’t have any doctor’s report and I can’t even go back to school. I became really worried, stopped eating and in two days time I fell sick mostly because I was thinking too much.

How worse can life be for me I thought. Due to my sickness, I now had a doctor’s report and a week to the start exams I decided I had to go to school and face all my fears.. those cultists, Mr Henry and my forthcoming exams. I was determined that anything that wanted to happen should happen.

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Shadow – Dead Roses

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  1. Good to realize [email protected] sandra finally decided to face her fears!!!

  2. Nice story here. Makes me anticipate �?? next episode with intense anxiety! Nice job smallie, kip �?? flag flying!

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