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The Dairy Of An Ex-Osu Babe [Part 3]


I felt my legs weaken under me that very minute, I wanted to jump out of my skin, I was weak…I began to see all my efforts & hard work crumble before my very own eyes, I could picture the tears on my mum’s face, I could even paint the look of disappointment my brother would give. I knew that nobody faced that panel and went scot-free in the school… except you had connections, which I didn’t. I knew other people that had other people had ‘runsed’ their way from year one to final year and had gotten away with it. I tried it, I just tried it once and my life was doing a roller coaster before me.

I summoned courage and went to the senior lecturer’s office to plead my case, when I got there I met other culprits like me and they had fished out all other courses that they had runsed and they were already in deep problems (that “problems” is formality, the word is shit, they were in deep shit!) .��As soon as the man sighted me, he began to scream �YOU!!!�What’s your problem? Should I call it foolishness or peer pressure?�I understand these empty skulls that fell from dumbville, but you wrote well in the hall why did you want to do this? I’ve gone through your records and I noticed you didn’t do any other one, you just chose to destroy your life with an elective course? Yours is such a sorry case”.

At that point I was crying profusely, I didn’t know what to say or do (as a yoruba girl, one tiny voice I never knew existed in my head before then started to tell me how my father was snoring in heaven! The guy was deep in sleep and he had allowed my mother’s enemies catch up with me). Senior lecturer showed me all my results and I passed them and wouldn’t be having any issues if I hadn’t taken that course. I remained there and I kept pleading and begging, the lecturer told me he could help me but I was going to have an extra year because I would have to re-write the course. I kept begging and he said he couldn’t cover up for me, even I knew that because he was a pastor.

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