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The Headies 2015 [Review]

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Headies 2015

The Nigerian Headies owned by hiptv which has been dubbed the Nigerian Grammy, has finally come and gone. However the Headies was packed with a lot of surprises both the good and the not so good. The Headies which has come a long way since 2005 (10 years) actually left viewers stunned, the Headies was held at one of the choicest of event centers on the Lagos island, so it was a little shocking when the decoration and setup guys couldn’t deliver easily.

Leaving that aside one is left to wonder what the technical and lightning crew were busy doing with their talent, because throughout the Headies noticeable blackouts occurred (somewhere in the beginning, middle and towards the end). Fine, we are Nigerians and light is a problem but it doesn’t mean lighting the stage is an Herculean task. Who ever those technical peeps were should be flogged for the below average sound output from the microphones, I mean viewers at home were literally glued to their screens not because they dint wanna touch that dial but because they couldn’t hear what was being said by award presenters as the volume-out kept fluctuating.

Moving ahead the night was still settling down when we had our goddess of rap ‘Eva‘ on stage doing her thing and out of the blue came this handsome guy (Caesar) all dressed up and clean, going on his knees to propose. First, was that stunt part of the performance or did he see that as the right time to pop the question? Well either ways, we happy for Eva, am sure my fellow Alordians are too. Finally a romantic engagement to kick start the Headies.

Not too long after that Headies went ahead to postpone the announcement of the next rated award winner. Am sure viewers at home who noticed this already believed something was about to go down. PDP going on backstage?

And then it happened Reekado Banks was announced as the winner. This came as a shock to many most especially the YBNL crew. We all thought well alright Headies is compromised and we moved on to the next.

Adekunle Gold won the award for the Alternate music category and the YBNL team turned up to collect and well the CEO pulled a “Kanye” on the Headies as regards the Next Rated category saying a couple of unprintable words, dropping the mic and spilling the contents of his cup and then throwing signs while walking off stage. After this Don jazzy came for his award and threw an epic shade at the YBNL CEO calling him out to come collect the car gift for the Next Rated. Concluding this, he and his “children” as he put it stormed out of the event bringing the already boring event to well an abrupt end.

The event continued tho’ as some awards hadn’t been presented to winners. The Headies 2015 aimed to “flip the script”, but it’s safe, however, to say that Oga Animashaun and crew found it real difficult to do a ‘backflip’ let alone ‘flip the script’ because simply put after ten years of hosting and organizing the Headies a lot was expected especially after the event was moved from 30th December to the new year. I mean, a ten year olds’ birthday party is way better that what was put together as the Nigerian Grammy night. Then again thanks to Olamide ‘baddosneh’ and Don Jazzy for ‘flipping the script’ on both we the fans and the Headies.

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