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She got exhausted and couldn’t fight anymore, so she stayed motionless, listening to his deep intakes of breath, tears slowly flowing from her wondering how she would survive the shame, Micheal slowly pulls out, looking up he saw the tears. He went to the bathroom to wash off, thinking of what to do and how he would compensate her. He came out saw her still in the exact position he left her, he went down on one knee, and said to her “baby would you marry me”. She was shocked beyond words, she turned slowly towards his direction. “You are mad!”, Panting profusely she got up went straight to the wardrobe to get her undies, wore a jeans and a body hug. I would never forgive you, never u, NEVER!!!! . Micheal had never seen so much! hatred, so much pain he left the room went straight to his room, his guilt eating him up brought out his cheque book and wrote a cheque of 300k went to his safe and And got the 100k from his safe on getting to her room he found out that all her traveling bags where gone but her handbag was still on the bed he quickly rushed to the bag,opened it and placed the cheque in a hidden area where she would see it later, he also saw a substantial amount of cash. That would take her back to school, he could help but to take a look at her phone, and seeing a pic of him as her wallpaper shocked him.

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