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Revealed: Uche Ogbodo left her hubby Ato Ubby because he has brain tumour

Uche Ogbodo and Arthur

Nollywood Actress Uche Ogbodo who recently took to the media to expose the trouble in her marriage has been called a liar by her husband’s father.

Ato Ubby who has been diagnosed with brain tumor and recovering from a major surgery has been blamed by his friends for making the biggest mistake of his life by falling in love with a Nollywood Actress with long list of gold digging.

Uche is currently in USA for her baby’s delivery.

Ato Ubby

We gather that Ato is taking the report that his ‘wife’ has walked out on him very badly and is not a happy man at the moment.

Presently in hospital recuperating from a brain surgery, Ato got his friends to get some news men to contact him and get his own side of the story so as to know that he is the victim in this case and his only crime was falling in love with the wrong woman.

Ato who could not talk much, gave the phone number of his parents and when they were contacted, they blurted with surprise on why their ‘daughter-in-law’ should turned out to be such a liar and wicked woman.

Ato’s father was the first to speak:

We went to her village and paid the bride price and after that, she was still bearing her fathers name. I don’t know why she didn’t change it. If she is saying now that she is not married, then she has divorced herself. Marriage is not by force. I am the father of Ato and I am telling you now that what she told you is a lie. I am a servant of God and I cannot tell lies. If she is saying that she is not married, that means she has rejected us. If she has problems with my son, this is the wrong way to go about it but we leave it all to God.

We were shocked when people started calling us to say Uche has denied marrying our son. She is a liar and a wicked woman.


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