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Ugandan Maid who Savagely Beat Baby Found Guilty of Assault

The Ugandan maid, Jolly Tumuhirwe, who was secretly filmed beating a little girl under her care has been found guilty of assaulting the toddler.

The abuse came to light when the child’s father, Eric Kamanzi, installed a hidden camera in his home after noticing his daughter was bruised and limping. The graphic footage showed Tumuhirwe hitting the child when she resisted feeding and then throwing her to the floor, beating her with a torch before stepping on her and kicking her.

BBC reports that Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22, had told the court she had been driven to attack the 18-month-old because the child’s mother had beaten her – something the mother denied. A video of the assault caused outrage when it was posted online.

Earlier charges of torture were dropped against Tumuhirwe after prosecutors said they could not be
easily proven. Tumuhirwe now faces up five years in jail for committing assault occasioning actual bodily harm. She is due to be sentenced on Monday.

Leaving the court on Friday, the child’s mother, Angella Mbabazi, told the BBC’s Catherine Byaruhanga in Kampala that she had not beaten the maid. She said would not have been able to leave her daughter in�Tumuhirwe’s�care if that was true.

On Monday, Tumuhirwe asked the court, the parents and Ugandans to forgive her. Mr Kamanzi broke down in tears when the maid offered her apology.


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