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Unidentified man impregnates 17-yr old, abandons her in Ogun | Photo

The fate of a lady, identified simply as Ifeoma, who is believed to be between 16 and 17 years old, has been giving residents of Ilaro, in the Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State, a cause for concern.

It was said that she had been beaten and impregnated before being dumped in Ilaro, where she had been living beside a building on Upper Leslie Road, Ilaro, for over nine months at the mercy of the elements.Ifeoma was said to have been dumped by the roundabout along Upper Leslie Road around May 2014 by an unidentified person.

On the fateful day she was dumped at the spot, the residents recalled that her face was swollen, while marks were seen over her body.

It was gathered that Ifeoma exhibited traits of someone who was mentally-challenged, such as smilling when there was no need for it, and throwing nothing in particular into her mouth.

Sitting by two bagfull of used clothes given to her by Good Samaritans and another one full of plastic plates, Ifeoma was also incoherent while responding to some questions put to her by our correspondent.

Miss Beauty Saliu, a graduate-apprentice in a bead store in front of the building where Ifeoma stays, had become Ifeoma’s benefactor.

She said,
�It was sometime in June, when I returned from a trip, that I saw this girl by the roadside. Her face was swollen and she looked like someone that had been beaten up thoroughly. She was always outside there in the rain and in the sun. At night, she would retire to the side of the building and sleep there.”
Saliu said she later discovered that Ifeoma had been impregnated.She said,
�After about three months, she began to exhibit symptoms of an expectant mother. She vomitted and was sleeping endlessly.
�I took her to the health centre here in Ilaro, and also took her to a laboratory and did a scan.She was indeed pregnant, and nobody knew how she was impregnated. I had to register her for ante-natal care and continue to pay all the bills.”
Saliu said a few days to the delivery date, she contacted the Olu of Ilaro, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle, intimating him of the predicament of Ifeoma.

Saliu added,
�I was the one doing everything for her. She came dressed only in knickers and a vest. I had to buy a new set of underwear and clothes for her.
�When her delivery date was near, I wrote to the Oba of Ilaro, intimating him of Ifeoma’s condition. Kabiyesi said I should contact his personal assistant, which I did.”
Saliu said exactly on January 10, 2015, Ifeoma was delivered of a baby girl at the health centre where she had her ante-natal, and on third day, the baby, now named Toluwani Amosun, was moved to an orphanage in Ilaro, named Future Leaders Orphanage, on the orders of the monarch.

When our correspondent visited the orphanage on Thursday, Toluwani was asleep in her cute cot.

But Ifeoma could neither remember where she hailed from nor her parents’ names. She also replied to every question put to her in pidgin Engilsh.

Part of the conversation goes thus;

PUNCH Metro: Where did you come from?

Ifeoma: �I come from Lagos, Agofure Motor Park, Lagos.”

PUNCH Metro: What about your parents?

Ifeoma: My papa and mama don die, dem dey village. My sister name na Faith and Favour.

She then smilled and turned away her face from our correspondent.

PUNCH Metro: Who brought you to Ilaro?

Ifeoma: One boy.

Ifeoma, however, said she wanted to go home, but was unable to tell PUNCH Metro where her home was.

Ifeoma’s benefactors said they hoped that someone who knew her would show up and show her the way home with her baby.

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