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US based pastor condemns popular church for inviting Korede Bello to perform “Godwin”

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US-based, Pastor Olusola Fabunmi has condemned the invitation of Mavin artiste, Korede Bello to sing his popular hit “Godwin” in a church.

On Easter Sunday, Korede Bello performed the hit at the Harvesters International Christian Centre, in Lekki as a special guest

Read Pastor Fabunmi’s thoughts

Korede Bello is a young man I love personally, and have nothing against him. But it’s written here, that when we chose the way of the world, we have clearly chosen our paths; becoming an enemy of God.

Please, there must be a clearly defined boundaries of who sings, and /or ministers in churches.

Some of the questions that come to mind are; is he born again? Sanctified with the spirit of God and baptized in the Holy Spirit?

Also, let’s ask ourselves, what’s even the purpose of people singing in churches and Christian concerts? Where purpose is lacking, abuse is inevitable writes Francis Wale Oke in his book; The Power of the Holy Spirit.

So I believe very strongly that one major purpose of choristers or Psalmists singing is to prepare the minds and hearts of the people for the word of God that is to come shortly; since we see in parable of the sower that the hearts of men is like a soil, and when the seed (which is the word of God) is sown, one of the factors that will determine the level of harvest yielded is the condition of the soil (hearts).

I wish to submit by saying that the only difference that makes the difference between church gatherings/ programs and others like clubs, parties is the Presence of Almighty God. If he is not there, we might spend hours and do all manners of spiritual gymnastics, it’s sheer of wasting of time, energy and resources.
And the ministers who know their onions do all it takes to secure his presence. But I think today in the word of a very senior man of God, one of the older generation, Dr. Ayodele who said in Houston recently, that churches in this generation has been reduced to ABC.. Meaning; Attendance, Building and Cash.

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