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I used to sleep in clubs & cars before making it big – Ik Ogbonna


In this new interview, the actor addressed his gay and ‘gigolo’ rumors. Enjoy!

The allegation about your trip to the States is that you went to do gigolo ‘runs’, what is your take on it?

People don’t really know my story. I have heard different things about me.� I have heard that I am a gigolo, gay that I have foolish�attitude, that I am a snub.

Some people don’t know I had a very rough beginning, even though my parents were on the average. I moved to Lagos alone and I had a very rough time.� I slept on the street sometimes. Continue below.

Seven years ago when I moved down to Lagos, for like three years or so, I slept�in cars.� I had this friend of mine that I used to sleep in his car and burn insecticide at night. I always carry myself well because I know where I am destined to be.� I kept on pushing.
Sometimes I slept over at the club when there is no friend’s house to pass the night.� I was homeless.� I had things very rough at a particular point in time. It is God’s grace that is�working for�me.

When people say I am a gigolo, I am waiting for the person that will come and tell me I slept with his mother. If one person can just come and tell me, IK see this woman you are sleeping with, she is my mother and I will admit I am a gigolo.

They also alleged you are gay?
Like I told you, I never thought I was going to be an actor.� I was more into�business.� I am involved in a lot of things.� Acting is just something that just came and I loved it.
A greater percentage of my money is from�business.� I am an Igbo man (laughs).
I want to get into Forbes and it is not by acting alone. I have to work very hard and be creative with my ideas.� Money I get from movies will go to charity.

For the gay thing, I don’t blame people, but the truth is I love women.� I won’t judge those calling me gay or tell them what to do.� Gay is a very deadly thing and I am someone that�respects�God a lot.
I try to keep His commandments.

I know I am very adventurous and I have a very high fashion sense.� You can see me wearing a three-quarter pants, colourful things and thank God for making me a fine boy.
When people say I am a gigolo or gay it’s their own judgement.

There is no man or woman that can ever come out and say IK has slept with me or a mother that is above age that will say I am sleeping with her and she pays me.

When you’re successful people will always talk. They should keep talking and promoting my brand.

Who do you think�is behind this rumour of you being gay and a gigolo?
Human beings (laughs).� There is one thing about me, people are busy talking about me and I am working, who is losing?�� I don’t know these people and I don’t intend to know them.

So, when these dirty talks are bandied about, do they really affect you?
No, it doesn’t.� The only person I owe any explanation is God.� I don’t owe human beings any explanation.� As long as I know I am in His�good book�and my conscience is clear, I am not bothered.

Is IK in a relationship or you are with your babymama?
No, we are just friends.

So, are you in a relationship?
With time you people will know.� When I decide to get married I will release a press statement.

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