The Virgin

The Virgin [Episode Six]

The Virgin

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Two days after he heard the news about what Kessie was now doing in school, he called Anayo so he could share what he heard with him just maybe he could offer him some piece of advice as he has been so confuse. Wait na Marie T tell you all these things, you sure say no be out of jealousy?
Anayo said after Abayomi had finish explaining everything Marie T told him about Kessie. Guy she sounded more concern than being jealous plus wetin won make am jealous?” he replied. “For starters, the fact say her cousin and her roommate don dey comot her for setting..” “oh boy calm down ooo, this is your fourth bottle within how many minutes” he said when he saw that Abayomi had told the barman to bring the fourth bottle of beer. Drinking yourself to stupor won’t solve anything, like I said you need to confirm that what you were told is true” Anayo said.. And how exactly do I get to do that? He asked before Anayo whispered something into his ear.

She was in the bathroom when she heard the message tone of her phone, so after changing her pad she went straight to her phone, immediately she saw the sender of the message she was smiling but she wasn’t able to read as Abayomi’s call came in.

Abayomi: Hey baby, how is your day going? hope I didn’t catch you in a bad time.

Kessie: No you didn’t this one you are sounding like this, what’s up?

Abayomi: Don’t mind me jare, I am having drinks with my friend and it occurred to me that I haven’t introduce you to any of my friends, so I say make I call you whether you fit come let me introduce you.

Kessie: Hmmm, you don use me boast abi? anyway where are you guys, let me see if I can come.

Abayomi: We dey that car wash way they my bus stop can you come?

Kessie: Give me like 30 mins I would come.

Alright love would be expecting you” he said as he ended the call. So what next now? He asked Anayo.. “When she comes you put her through what I use to call the drunk test” he replied..

You want me to get her drunk? He asked. “Ode not her you, you go act like person way don drink, then you go begin talk things way no make sense things way you know that on a good day she go vex, then you see what are reaction looks like”..

How would I know whether she pass or fail? Abayomi asked. “Trust me you would know” Anayo replied. Kessie was full of smile as she replied the message she got before Ab called, she had sent two replies to the sender before she left the house to meet Ab. One, two, four, six, Ab don’t tell me you drank all this bottles”she said as she got to the table Abayomi and Anayo was. She was still standing when Anayo said thank God you are here, I was the one that told him to call you because I have tried my best to stop him from drinking this much but he has refused and I know if there is anyone that can stop him it would be you. He always says you don’t like him drinking, so I thought if you are here, he would stop the drinking”. By the way I am Anayo and it nice meeting you” he added. Nice meeting you too”, she said as she finally took her seat beside Ab.

She turned to him and said Ab what is the problem why have you decided to get yourself this drunk? what is bothering you that you couldn’t discuss with me and let’s work it out like we normally do”.

I am sorry baby I didn’t mean for you to see me like this and by like this, I mean me drinking not being drunk because I am not drunk”. Of late I have been feeling horny and drinking has always help me out but the kind agro way catch me today na die that why I am drinking this much” he said.

Turning to Anayo she said is this how he use to drink when he is horny in school?.. Well back then in school this is how he use to drink but ever since he met you I haven’t seen him like this because even last month when you were not around and he told me was super horny, he didn’t drink at all, he came over to my house and we were just playing game”. Facing Ab back she said is it because I told you that I am not ready for sex that why you are doing this? if what you want is sex, then no problem when I am through with my period we would have sex”.

Ab laughed before saying that is the lie you girls use to use whenever you don’t want to have sex, how can I be so sure you are on your period?”. Kessie didn’t reply him, instead she joined Anayo in picking up some of the bottles that fell on the floor as Ab used his leg to hit the table while talking. Well if you are not too drunk to walk let go to your place and you would confirm if I am menstruating or not”. He staggered as he stood up and after regaining his balance he said guy today is my lucky day” before he moved forward.

She passed the drunk test because after they got to Ab house, she changed her mind and got very vexed with him for what he did, she even threatened that she was going to quit the relationship if he ever drinks again and this was the exact thing Anayo said she was going to do to Abayomi that would prove that Kessie is still the same. Later that night he called her to apologize because after they got home and she had shouted on him, she left his house and headed back home. She had a feeling that what Ab did was less about sex and more of something else but she couldn’t figure out what exactly it was. This was what led her back to her old self the one that Ab knew before she went to school and for the rest of the holiday she was extremely careful around Abayomi, making sure she acted as normal as possible so that he won’t suspect any changes in her attitude.


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