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Wendy Williams slams Taylor Swift as “mean girl”

Wendy-Williams-Taylor-SwiftWendy Williams is back again with her usual ‘nasty’ comments on stars and this time around, country/pop star Taylor Swift�is the one taking her heat.

While most of her fans are celebrating the fact that Swift just surpassed Beyoncé andKim Kardashian as the most followed celebrity on Instagram with 50 million followers, Wendy says it’s because the ‘Bad Blood’ singer is actually really mean while pretending to appear nice.

On her October 12 show, the 51-year-old TV host no doubt commended the 25-year-old singer for rising to the top of Instagram and music charts without having to post sexy pictures online like Bey and Kim K� but totally bashed Swift by saying that she’s “the queen of mean!”

“People like Taylor and I think the reason is a hidden secret of mean. I think she is probably meaner than Beyoncé and Kim put together. In my mind, Taylor Swift is the Queen of the Mean. She’s sneaky and smart about doing it which makes her smarter than the other two,”Wendy said.

Wendy went on to say: “She’s got her girl army hypnotized to think she’s the bee’s knees. From Cara to Kendall, those girls they all hang out. Taylor bakes and cooks, we’ve never seen Kim or Beyoncé bake and cook… Here’s the thing, she’s trying to trick us in to thinking she’s a good woman because she bakes and cooks. And it’s actually working right now on Instagram. For Kim and Beyoncé, if you weren’t so�obvious about your thing and a little more covert, you two will be back on top of Instagram�but for now, it’s all about Taylor Swift.”


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