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What! Woman starts treks to Abuja in honor of Buhari with her 40 day old infant

335 year old Mrs. Alice Daniel, has joined the league of trekkers and is doing so from Minna to Abuja for President elect, Buhari. In the case of Mrs. Daniel, she said her Husband said he had a dream that President Jonathan would lose the election.

She said it was impossible for an incumbent president to lose a Presidential election and pledged that if Jonathan lost, she would trek from Minna to Abuja to personally congratulate Pres. elect, Buhari. She made this bet when she was heavily pregnant with her now 40 day old daughter.

According to her, in an interview with Newsline, she gave birth to her last child on April 2, 2015, and that she was determined to fulfill her promise with the win of Gen. Buhari as the President-elect.

Mrs. Alice, told Newsline that her husband, mother and some family members as well as friends tried to stop her from embarking on her journey, but that her mind was made up to fulfill the bet she made.

When asked of the health hazard of her mission on her and her newly born baby girl, considering the fact that she gave birth just barely 40 days ago, she expressed optimism that nothing would happen to her and her child and that the only thing she looked forward to was for her to accomplish her mission.

She started her journey at about 6:00am on Sunday, from Chanchaga bridge, she said she’s enjoying the experience so far, she also said some motorists have offered to assist her but she declined determined to trek to Abuja like she said she would, she said some people have given her money and cheered her on.

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