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Yvonne the Unical Babe [Episode 10]

Yvonne the Unical Babe

It was yesterday at the hospital that I had found out the mystery behind the missing furniture in Olawunmi’s room. Yvonne had sold them for her medical upkeep.

She had known about the cervical cancer for some time now, and was duped into buying drugs that could cure her. Yvonne Oriaku Apolonia Azubuike, always looking for an easy way out. I had to rush to go see Uncle Alfred. He was getting irritatingly impatient and had threatened to not only report to my parents but to use my case as a reference when preaching in church.

I had moved out from Yvonne’s place and now cohabited with Oseloka. Today, Oseloka was not around. He said he needed to rush to his village, he said that something important had come up; and rush he did.
I decided there and then to tell uncle Alfred about the pregnancy, probably he would be generous enough to help fund the abortion. I had decided over night to get rid of the baby.

So I left the house, nervous and all, straight to uncle Alfred’s room in our regular hotel.
“what do you mean abort?”, his voice was thunderous.
He continued, “you are not getting rid of any pregnancy”. I was shocked to silence. I could not utter a word. He continued still
“does it occur to you that my wife has given me only a set of twin girls and I need a son? Has it? What if you are carrying a boy, eh? What if? You are not serious at all”, he ended with an even more thunderous hiss.
I tried to explain to him that I was still a young girl who had not even gotten to her second year in school, and had someone who loved me enough to marry me
“okay, what if it’s a girl I’m carrying, you won’t consider that one right?”, he looked at me, and grinned widely, “God works in mysterious ways, don’t you know that? This, YOU, this could be an avenue for Him to bless me with a son”, when he said ‘YOU’, he opened wide his eyes and pointed his two fore fingers directly at me.
He continued again, “and if marriage is your problem, don’t worry I will marry you”.
EHN? did I hear this man correctly?
What did he mean by that.
How can a Godfather marry his Goddaughter and think it is normal. His wife, mama ejima, how will she see me. The church members nko, what about the twins themselves?
This man didn’t know what he was saying. I could not even dive into my family’s reaction, theirs would be beyond disappointment and hatred for me.

Clearly, this was a waste of time, I had to find other means to get this money and get rid of the baby as fast as possible before it was too late. I told uncle Alfred that I did not care, I told him to go ahead and tell the whole world what I do in school, and I looked directly at him, and even if what I said was a lie, he clearly believed me, because he looked ashen and shaken after I had said it, I had told him
“and you see this belle, I go carry am, born am and I will go to that your church and tell them, my family included, I will tell them all that you impregnated me. And if they don’t believe me, the church will definitely sponsor a DNA test. By then we will see who will win”.

I felt victorious already, as though I had won already. I sashayed out of the room, and left the door open wide, he could shut it himself if he cared. I had almost gotten to the ground floor when I heard the big bang, his door clearly. Obviously he had lost and he knew it. That was the last I ever heard from uncle Alfred again. After that day, he never disturbed me.

The chief Yvonne had told me about had just come down from Abuja. He was celebrating his fiftieth birthday and had decided to celebrate it in his village with his people. He was currently in Imo state and I was to go meet him there. That day at the hospital, she had given me his number from her notepad where she had written it down the night she met him, during one of her visits to Abuja.
I had called him.
Yvonne had said, “once you call him Ehn, just say Yvonne asked you to call him, he will definitely set a meeting date for you two, abeg, just do am for me”, suddenly Yvonne’s phonetics had disappeared.

The fear of death could cause drastic changes in humans. The chief did set a date, and luckily for me, I didn’t have to go far, I hated travelling. I didn’t care whether it was by plane or by land, I just did not like the thought of going far away from my comfort zone. He was in Imo state.

I got to Imo state quite late in the evening and went directly to the hotel address sent to me by chief.

The chief was petite, and had full grown hair and beards. He was well learned and spoke very good English. We were together seated at the hotel lobby. After he had received numerous calls, he faced me
“yes, my dear, how are you?”, he hugged me in such a welcoming manner, it was scary.
“I trust your journey went well”, slight pause, clears throat
“so, after you” he said extending his left hand towards the exit of the lobby, and bowing slightly.

We were apparently headed for his room. This was going to be my last time. I promised myself and promised Oseloka too in absentia. Funny enough, I did not know this chief’s name, and I did not want to know it either.

Tonight would be the end of business as usual for me.

I did this, I had to, all for Yvonne.

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  1. Can you tell me about the latest episode of it.

  2. I did this, I had to, all for Yvonne.

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