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42 year old student goes back to school, now in JSS 1


Mrs. Juliana Godwin with her son, Sam Godwin, in front of Junior Secondary School, Gosa, Abuja signboard

It is never too late to go to school.
Mrs. Juliana Godwin, a 42-year-old has dusted her books and gone back to school � she is now a Junior Secondary School I (JSSI) student of Junior Secondary School, Gosa, Abuja.
Mrs. Godwin, her education stalled by lack of sponsorship, a situation that made her to drop out, in 1983, of LEA Primary School, Riyom.

Read her story as told to Vanguard newspaper below:
�I had to leave for Jos in 1983, since my father could no longer sponsor my education to secondary school because he had no money. While I was with my cousin, I enrolled in a tailoring shop to learn�dress making. I completed it within a year and� six months.
In 2001, me and my children left Jos to join myhusband in Abuja, where we live at Gosa village, along Airport Road.
I became the bread-winner of her family. Since I had skill in hair plaiting, that became a source of livelihood for us. Later I ventured into hawking of water in a basin in Gosa market to boost the family’s income.
�In 2003, I was able to save some money from water hawking. I started pepper and tomato business with N1,000 from the savings. I also went into corn roasting business, but my husband stopped me from the business in 2007,” she said.
In 2008, i decided to go into vocational training with a non-governmental organisation called Refocusing Nigerian Talents Organisation, RENITO, where iwas trained in soap (liquid, medicated and bar), pomade and disinfectants production.
�Now I can produce and sell the products I was trained on, and I started with N1,500”
�I came to realise that the business was lucrative and helpful to me and my family. I decided to make savings towards going back to school after I dropped out in 1983.
�My husband was against my decision and quarrelled seriously with me. But I didn’t give up on my decision. In 2013, I went on to enrol at Junior Secondary School, Gosa, Airport Road, Abuja, where I started in JSS I F. I was able to raise N10, 000 to pay for admission expenses.
�Why I decided to start from JSSI was because I had never in my life stepped into the four walls of a secondary school. I told myself I will start from JSS I, as it will help me to have the foundation of secondary school education and to understand what I would be taught.
�My principal was surprised and asked me whether I could cope with secondary school education as an adult and a married woman. He and the staff also encouraged me to continue since I had made up my mind. But my husband continued making trouble to stop me”.
�I am the oldest person in the class of 80 students. I participate in every school activity, and I am happy with that. Even when I come late to school, the teachers do punish me just like other students, and I have no problem with that, but I do behave myself as an adult.”
�I have seen great changes in my life, and I am coping seriously. My aim is to study marketing in the university after I would have completed my senior secondary education”, she narrated.
Recall that a few years back, veteran Kola Oyewo also when back to school and today, he holds a Ph.d.

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