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5 types of men women hate


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There might be ample qualities that make men irresistible. But women being the softer gender have created certain stereotypes in men that they would never want to be seen with.�

We list the most common kinds of men that women love to hate…

Thumbs down to dominant men: Gone are the days when a male dominated society used to be the way of life. So, if the next time you try to show your superiority in front of your girl, it might land you in a tight spot. Women prefer mates who’re recognized by their peers for their skills, abilities, and achievements – and not those who use coercive tactics to subordinate their rivals.

Macho guys aren’t always lucky: A macho guy with an angry young man personality might look good on silver screen, but when it comes to real life, women aren’t game to hang around with macho dudes. A recent study claims that macho guys don’t always get the girls. The study further revealed that the most aggressive guys ended up with fewer wives and children.

Keep physically starved men at bay:�Men are usually physically more charged up. But when it comes to choosing a mate, women don’t opt for a ravenous partner. This is maybe because for such men, intimacy is the top priority in the relationship whereas the woman continuously seeks love and romance, sans physical intimacy.

It’s not that women are not keen on being intimate with their partner, but a man’s intimacy inclination does plan an important role when it comes to choosing their partner. Women generally aren’t too comfortable with the idea of being with a man who has intimacy on his mind throughout the day. In such relationships, things like understanding and love are secondary and intimacy is all that matters for the male partner.

Chauvinism is out completely:�An excess of anything is bad. Women don’t find a chauvinistic man a great companion to spend the rest of their lives with.

There is a very thin line of demarcation between being a gentleman and chauvinist. A girl might love your care and concern, but your over chauvinistic attitude may irritate her at times. Make an attempt to give enough space to her and let the comfort zone be there as per mutual convenience.

Using slangs won’t take you anywhere:�Using abusive lingo every time you indulge in a conversation might lend you a cool dude look cool in front of your male peers, but girls don’t want to hang around with a abusive man. Being too abusive and stressing on using slangs too often is a ‘turn off’ for today’s women.

Men need to realise that a woman would like to be associated with a respectful and well-behaved mate. So using excess of slang language and abusive words during conversations can backfire. The reason why women keep such partners at bay is because they find it offensive when their man gets abusive as it comes as a gesture of disrespect to the relationship.

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