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A Lot of People are just Bitter – Omoni Oboli Defends her Aso Villa Dress again


Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli in a new interview with Nigerian Tribune defended her movie premiere outfit once again. Here’s what she said:
Very recently, your first movie was premiered at Aso Rock with the President and top shots in government in attendance. How do you feel about it?
I am still looking for words. When I find them, I will tell you. But it was more than glorious. I honestly didn’t believe it was going to happen. The producer, The Film Marketers’ Association of Nigeria, wrote the presidency about my new movie. We didn’t expect to get any response from them, not even a quick response, but to our surprise the presidency accepted to watch my movie.

Even after the premiere I was telling my sister that if I woke now to realise this was a dream, I was going to be very unhappy. So, I would often pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Yet I couldn’t believe it was real. She told me that both us couldn’t be having the same dream. It was real. I think it is a very big achievement for Nollywood. When things like this happen, it boosts courage; it makes people believe that they could still do more. People would aspire to become better. For us that is a good thing. We all know where Nollywood is coming from.
What was the President’s comment on the movie?
The president said Nollywood has put Nigeria on the map.
What did the president say about the movie?
After the movie, there was a time he asked if I had a twin because I played two roles in the movie. He said it was a very good movie.
Some people raised eyebrows about the outfit you wore to Aso Rock. Were you styled?
I was not styled.
Did you feel that the outfit was appropriate?
Yes, I felt so. Because there was really no vital part showing if you saw the pictures online. And another thing is that the angles that a picture was taken can portray certain things that was not there.
Why do you think people condemned it?
Actually, you should know that a lot of people are bitter. When people are bitter they try to look for negative things in every positive thing. It is unfortunate that we are in the limelight, because if someone else wore that dressing no one would say a word. It comes with the good and the bad sides. You cannot take the good and leave the bad side. A lot of people are bitter. Some people are thinking why her. Some people have been doing movies for twenty years: why her?
Maybe I should ask: Why you?
It is God’s favour. That is it. It can’t be something else. I shook the president on that day and that was the second time ever that I will be shaking him. First was at the burial of his brother that all of us went for, so we had the opportunity to shake him. This was the second opportunity to shake the president. I do not know him personally at all. So, it is just God’s favour. The truth is that favour is not fair. God decided to smile on me. Have I had my bad times? Of course. Last year, there was a time I was crying every day for months. Did anybody hear about it? So, these things happen, it is just God’s favour. And I am not going to let anything pull me down. First of all, I do not read blogs. I do get to see the negative comments.� It doesn’t matter to me. My true fans know who I am. And these are the people who matter to me, not the people who see the negative things.

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