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A new breakdown of Nigerian senators salaries and allowances


This is really outrageous, we have so many unemployed youths and yet our senators earn this much with so much allowances.

Basic Salary (BS) = N2,484,245.50
Hardship Allowance: 50% of Basic Salary = N1,242,122.75. Constituency allowance: 200% of BS = N4,968,509.00.
Furniture Allowance: 300% of BS = N7,452,736.50.
Newspaper allowance: 50% = N1,242,122.70.
Wardrobe allowance: 25% = N621,061.37.
Recess Allowance: 10% = N248,424.55.
Accommodation: 200% = N4,968,509.00.
Utilities: 30% = N828,081.83.
Domestic Staff: 35% = N863,184.12.
Entertainment: 30% = N828,081.83.
Personal Assistance: 25% = N621,061.37.
Vehicle Maintenance Allowance: 75% = N1,863,184.12.
Leave Allowance : 10% = N248,424.55
One off payments (Severance gratuity): 300% = N7,452,736.50. Motor Vehicle Allowance: 400% of BS = N9,936,982.00.

Total per month = N29,479, 749.00.
Culled from Nigeria Civil-Rights Movement F.B page!

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  1. I ain’t even gon say nothing. Let them keep doing what they are doing.

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